Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Some dreams and one Q to A

I don't have much to write about, but I didn't want to go so long without another post.

I recently had a dream having to do with my allergies.  I was just doing things in the dream like walking to a store, in a store of some kind, at a friends house, etc.  I didn't have any tissues on me for some reason.  Every time I needed to wipe my nose, blow my nose, have a sneezing fit, etc., someone would come up to me with tissues and do it for me, like hold them to my nose while I was sneezing, wipe my nose when it was runny, etc.  It weirded me out, but I couldn't get anyone to stop doing it or to hand me the tissues instead.  I could talk to them about anything, except abut why they were doing that with the tissues.  The whole dream was just a bunch of that.

I had another weird dream recently.  It had nothing to do with allergies, but I just wanted to post it anyway.  In the dream it was like I was progressing through months of being pregnant in just minutes, and then reversing, and it as going back and forth like that a few times.  I'd suddenly start getting bigger and have to unbutton and unzip my clothes and then when I got so big I had to start taking off my clothes, I started to become 'unpregnant', and when I got back down to my normal size and had to rebutton and such, soon after I'd start to get pregnant again.  Very weird (no, I am not wishing for kids right now, lol).

Not much in the way of questions, but here is what I have:

Q: Earlier, you wrote about the sneezing room. Growing up, did you wish for other ways of dealing with your allergies?
A: I feel like this should be a long and interesting response, but sadly I do not have much else to say.  The only other way I wished for to deal with my allergies that I can remember is not to have them.

Sorry if this post was a bit lame, but I wanted to get something up before TG.

As usual, please make comments and feel free to ask me questions or to contact me.  I'd like to know that more than just a few people are reading!


  1. What do your sneezes sound like? Have you ever considered recording a sneezing fit, for umm.... science?

  2. Now that winter is starting do you find yourself with less allergy symptoms or does winter bring about new challenges?

  3. Over the years what tips/tricks have you developed to help deal with your allergies?