Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Sorry for the wait!

I am sorry I have been so bad again at posting to my blog again.  Life gets busy and motivation gets low.

Tree pollen season has started, so my allergies have been starting to get worse.  Although the snowstorms have helped dip the pollen levels.  I just saw the following article.  I guess its not in my head that my allergies have been feeling worse each year:

I had an allergy related dream a few weeks ago.  I just remember that my nose was running literally non-stop, and I had no tissues or anything to deal with it.  As people came by, they would pinch my nose closed and the runniness would stop, and then start back up again after they left.  If I tried to pinch my own nose it wouldn't work and I would have a sneezing fit.  Kinda weird, and its the only part i can remember.

I have a bit of Q+A:

Q: How many times do you sneeze in a row?
A: Depends on the time of year.  On average, less than 10 in the winter, can be over 20 at the height of allergy season.  That's average.  there is the rare occasion i will only sneeze a few times, and occasionally I sneeze non-stop for a long time, so now way to keep track of how many they are.  

Q: Does sneezing relieve pressure and make you feel better or make you feel worse?
A: It doesn't make me really feel any better, but it doesn't make me feel worse.  Mostly seems like it has no impact on how I feel, other than tiring me out and embarrassing me.

Q: Are allergies frustrating for you or are you used to them?
A: Both.  I am used to having them, but they are still very frustrating and I am used to having the frustration.

Q: Is it ever hard for you to fall asleep due to sneezing or allergies?

A: Plenty of times.  Sometimes during allergy season I will get very little sleep or even no sleep at night for days and will end up dozing off for a few mins randomly throughout the days.

Q: Do you ever stifle? 
A:  Not usually.  For some reason its hard for me to do.  When i can do it, it hurt my sinuses and usually ends up making me sneeze more in the end.

As always, feel free to contact me to chat. for skype or e-mail is always best.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Miserable Day

I am in WA for the holidays.  I had to fly, and that usually is very bad on my sinuses.  I have a cold too, so it made it even worse this time.  I am also PMSing, so that makes everything just feel worse.  I took stuff to make me sleep but I kept waking up in so much pain - like my sinuses were going to make my head explode.  I'm still in so much pain its making me cry.  I don't know how well I will be able to sleep tonight, and I will probably need all of tomorrow to recover enough to feel normal-ish.  I wish I could just drill holes into my sinuses.

Here is a quick question, as I am trying to distract myself from how bad I feel.

Q: Do you track pollen counts? If so do you find consistency in when the number is high you are suffering more? And at what number do you know you are going to have a tough day? 
A: I kind of do.  I used to pay more attention to it.  Higher numbers does mean I will suffer more.  Even really low numbers will affect me though.  That combined with the fact that I usually can't change what I am doing on a particular day anyway, made me realize paying close attention to pollen counts doesn't help me much.

Sorry this post is so short.  Please contact/message me on skype/e-mail if you want - I might be in the need of company if I am not feeling like I am dying so much that I can't get online.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Catching up

Sorry again that it has been so long since I made a post.  Ragweed season ended, but it lasted long than usual because of how warm it was n October.  My allergies are a bit better now since I don't have pollen to deal with for a few months.  Now its mainly dust and molds i have to watch out for.  of course there is still all the other stuff I'm allergic to, but they arent as hard to avoid as pollens, dust, and molds.

A couple of days ago, someone pointed out to me there is a comic book series called 'Snotgirl'.  They said it reminded them of me.  I read some of it online and the story is kinda weird and the characters are very superficial and mean, but the main character has very bad allergies she tries to hide - that does remind me a bit of me, lol.  I think she often does a better job than me as she doesn't seem to sneeze that much, just snot and congestion.  Its a bit of an amusing read.

I do have a bit of Q to A:

Q: What has made this the worst it has ever been? 
A: Part of it was how long and warm the season was - so possibly more pollen than usual and for a longer time.  Sometimes I don't know if my allergies keep getting worse or if its just more pollen.

Q: Can you talk about a typical day with your allergies? Examples like, Is there a time of day that is worse than others, what do you feel when you wake up, how many times you think you may sneeze or blow your nose, taking OTC medication because symptoms are too much. 

A: I can't pinpoint any time of day that is always worse or always better.  It also depends on time of year, what allergens I might be being exposed to, etc.  I usually wake up with a sneezing fit and my eyes are all goopy and my nose is all snotty.  I usually sit in bed for a bit dealing with all that.  I sneeze tons, so its hard to keep track.  I usually can't blow my nose because my congestion is too bad.  Sometimes in the winter I can.    I on a number of medications, but prescription and OTC.  They don't help too much, except for benadryl  It really knocks me out though so I only use it if things are really bad, i can't sleep from my allergies, and I know I don't have much to do the next day - I don't know if it actually stops my allergies or if it just makes me sleep - I'll sleep from it and when it wears off ill be awake but really groggy and my allergies will be back.  I use sudafed pretty often as that can keep my sinus pressure from becoming pain much of the time.  

As always, please feel free to ask more questions, or contact/chat with me on e-mail or skype via

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Short - Post and Q+A

Ragweed is one of my worst allergies, and this ragweed season has been horrible for me.  I can't wait for it to end.  This is probably the worst it has ever been.  I have missed work a number of times, and I haven't really been able to go out and do anything fun.  Its been a lot of staying at home being an allergic mess.  My sleeping has been really crappy because of it too.  I'm tired and worn out all the time.

I have one Q to A:

Q: When you first started to realize you had allergies did you ever experiment on your own to confirm or just go to an allergist? 
A: It was going to the doctor where I found out I have allergies.  My parents thought I was getting a lot of colds, so they took me to the doctor, and she said I had allergies and she sent me to an allergist to get tested.  I have experimented on my own, as I sometimes would think "I can't be allergic to THAT!"  In the past I have also tested myself on things I wasn't sure about that either I knew I might be around when I went somewhere or it was something that someone I was dating liked.

If anyone wants to keep me company in my misery, as usual, skype and e-mail is 

Friday, August 4, 2017

Its been way too long

I am so sorry!  I kept thinking about making a post and I kept putting it aside. I still have a hard time figuring out what to post.

This summer has been a very bad allergy season for me, and ragweed season is starting soon.  Feel like my life since the spring has just been work and allergies.

I even had a dream related to allergies I wanted to share, but its been so long I forgot what it was!

I really just have one question to answer:

Q: Tell me about your most allergic day so far this year? What is a typical day for you like when your allergies are flared up? 

A:  On my most allergic days I am pretty much non-functional.  I have sneezing fits with not much break in between, I constantly feel like I am about to sneeze, my nose is very red and sore and itchy and tickly/tingly.  I am totally congested and can feel the pressure in my nose and sinuses.  My eyes are puffy and red and very watery and itchy.  My ears feel clogged and itchy, and I'm constantly dealing with snot coming out of my nostrils.  It makes it difficult to eat/sleep/do almost anything.  It all makes me pretty worn out and tired.

Sorry this is such a short one.  I am spending a lot of time this season just dealing with my allergies, so feel free to message/e-mail me to keep me company/give me something to do.  As usual for e-mail and skype.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Sorry its been so long, some Q+A

I haven't posted in a while because I have been very busy, sorry about that.  This will be a short post.

This spring my allergies have been very bad.  I'm sneezing and snotting all over the place and my nose and eyes are always very itchy and swollen.

I had a weird allergy dream a few weeks ago, but I only remember 2 small parts.  I was in a group of people who had allergies.  They all had tissues and were blowing their noses but I didn't have any tissues.  They told me I had to stop sneezing to be able to use any tissues, but I couldn't stop from sneezing.  In another part, I was with a group of people again, and there was someone with me and my nose would run for a little bit, she'd wipe my nose with a really rough paper towel of some kind, then that would make me be about to start a sneezing fit and she'd put her finger under my nose until the feeling went away, then my nose would start to run for a bit, and that just kept repeating, and I just felt like I really needed to sneeze the whole time.

Q: How have you been?
Allergies have been bad.  Otherwise pretty good

Q:Has this blog helped you at its original goal?

A: Not too much, maybe a little bit.

Q:What's your fav song/movie?
A: That's way too hard to say.  A recent movie I have been thinking about a lot is 'Arrival'

That's all for today.  Please contact me if you'd like with questions for my blog, or if you just want to chat.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Updating, Weird Things, and Q+A

Just finished my first week at my research job.  I'm very happy.  Both to finally be finished with school, and to be able to start doing good stuff!

As I mentioned before, my congestion is always very bad.  I usually can not sniffle or blow my nose because of it.  In the winters however, I have times where my congestion is low enough that I can do those thing.  I'll tend to blow my nose way too much, which causes irritation, but its just so nice to be able to do it.  The other thing I do sometimes might be a bit gross.  Sometimes when I'm alone, I'll look in the mirror when I have snot hanging out of my nostrils.  I'll sniffle and most of it will come back up into my nostrils.  It will come back out eventually and I'll sniffle it up again, etc.  I just like that I am able to sniffle it back up like that.  Sorry if that's silly or gross.

Here is a bit of Q to A again:

Q: Is going to the dentist ever problematic?
A:  Luckily I have very good teeth.  I go once a year (or 2) or so for a check-up/cleaning and that's about it.  I of course do it outside of pollen season, and before I pick a dentist, I hang out in the waiting room/office for a while to see if anything starts to bother my allergies.

Q: Are there any foods you're allergic to? Are the symptoms the same as with scents and plants? 
A:  I'm allergic to dairy.  It makes my asthma much worse.  Asthma used to be a really big problem, but once we found the dairy issue, now its not a problem except sometimes when I'm sick.  I'll just get wheezy when my allergies are bad.  I can eat small amounts without a problem, but more than a mouthful of ice cream, or a few sips of milk, and then its a problem.  Other than that, I don't think so.  Some fruits and nuts might make my mouth a bit itchy at times, but I don't know if its a consistent thing.

Q:  Would you say your sneezes are loud or soft?
A:  On the softer side of normal I think.  If I sneezed just once or twice, it probably wouldn't be too noticeable

Q: You said in this post scents are causing you a reaction. Are these perfumes and colognes or candles and other things? 
A: Yes, those things.  I think pretty much any strong scent, but definitely perfumes, colognes, air fresheners, scented candles, etc.

Q: How do you get rid of dust in your home? Do you suck it up and clean it or does Allison do it?
A: She has a dust allergy too, but not as bad as mine.  We both tend to do it.

Q: I was wondering if things have changed for you in terms of mornings. A long time ago you wrote those were the worst, that you had to set aside a lot of time in the morning for your allergies. Is it still like that, every day since then? Do you ever find yourself needing to sleep over somewhere else where this gets extra difficult for you in the morning? 
A: Yes, its still pretty bad in the mornings.  When my allergies are bad and I'm having problems sleeping in general because of how bad they are, I'll try to sleep in another room as not keep waking up Allison.

Q: Why do you think the shower makes you sneeze? I was surprised to read that since typically flushing with water helps allergies. 
A: I have no idea.  Maybe the heat of the shower?

Q: How is your new job and the people there? 
A: Its only been one week so far, but I am enjoying it.

Q: You often say that you want to run away to a bathroom when you're having a sneezing fit in public. Wouldn't people also head you in there? I know plenty of people that would feel awkward with someone constantly sneezing in the stall next to them. I'm sorry if that sounds harsh, I'm just wondering.
A: Its easier for me not to think about other people hearing me if I don't see them.  Its all the looking at me, focusing on me, etc.  that is the worst part.

I hope that answers the questions well.  As always, feel free to comment, or contact me directly.  I use skype the most now, but e-mailing works too.  I think both are