Thursday, December 11, 2014

Mid Dec. Q+A

I am still so far away from getting to the point where I post once a week.  I think I am lucky to post once/month!

Its wintertime, so my allergies are generally improved, but I still get some bad times/days from random things.  Also, some holiday time things like scents, some trees, etc can give me problems.  Its not usually as bad as other seasons though.  My allergies haven't been too bad lately, but for some reason today they are acting up really badly.

Here are some Qs for me to A:

Q: What do your sneezes sound like? Have you ever considered recording a sneezing fit, for umm.... science?
A: I guess they sound normal?  I am unsure how to describe them.  They are usually a bit on the quiet side, but still loud enough for people to notice.  I have been told my sneezes are 'kinda cute', but they can get intense when I am having a really bad sneezing fit. 

OMG no way would I ever record them!  Its too embarrassing to even just sneeze in front of people.  To have it recorded and around all the time would be bad!

Q: Over the years what tips/tricks have you developed to help deal with your allergies?
A:  I don't really have anything that is an amazing help, other than being able to avoid what I am allergic to, but there are many things that I think help slightly.  Washing clothes often, tying my hair back when I can, avoiding going out at times of day/days when pollen count is high, washing my hair often, I usually use pillow and mattress covers, I usually try to get someone else to do the cleaning, but since Allison is also allergic to dust, we trade off.  I have hepa filters too.

I do other stuff too, but this is what I can think of off the to of my head.  I know I have also tried lots of other things that haven't helped, but I'd really have to try to remember them.  Nothing helps that greatly, but every little bit counts.

Q: Now that winter is starting do you find yourself with less allergy symptoms or does winter bring about new challenges?
A:  Winter is the least worst of the seasons for me, as there isn't any pollen to deal with.  I am still allergic to so many other things, so I still have some allergy problems but not usually as bad as the rest of the year.  I guess the big challenges in the winter is dust tends to get stirred up when all the heating systems come on, so that flares up my allergies at that time.  Also, during the holiday season there are things that I am allergic to: scents, dusty fake trees, possibly mold on real trees, etc. 

I'd love to be able to make another post before the  end of the year, but I can't promise anything.  As usual, feel free to comment and ask questions here and contact me directly too.  The more ideas I get, the easier it is for me to post.

If I do not post again this month, have a great holiday!


  1. What would you say your worst allergy symptom is...the congestion, sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes etc..?

  2. I am sure you have had many terrible allergy days but can you pin point one that was worse than all the rest, and can you tell us about it?