Monday, December 22, 2014

Flying, new sneezing, and Q+A

(sorry!  I thought I posted this on Sat, but I discovered tonight that I forgot!)

Yay, I am posting for the second time this month!

Monday early morning I am flying back to Seattle for a week to be with my family.  The sucky part is that flying really messes with me cause of my congestion.  I get horrible sinus pain and pressure.  It takes about a day to recover from it.  It hurts as much as having a migraine, and makes me feel nauseous too.  It also makes my ears hurt a lot, and for a day or two I feel off-balance and like my ears are stuffed with cotton. 

Yesterday I discovered a new way of sneezing, lol.  I felt a sneeze fit coming and I was trying to hold back sneezing til I could get to my tissues, and I suddenly started sneezing these really quiet high-pitched sneezes.  I found I could make them happen when I need to sneeze.  The good thing is that they are quiet and they are not snotty at all.  The bad thing is that they just keep going with no stop to them until I let myself sneeze regularly

And I already have two questions, so here we go:

Q: What would you say your worst allergy symptom is...the congestion, sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes etc..?
A: It would have to be the sneezing.  Its just crazy how much sneezing I do, its what draws the most attention to my allergies and is the most disruptive, both to me trying to do stuff, and to other people.  It can be really tiring too.

Q: I am sure you have had many terrible allergy days but can you pin point one that was worse than all the rest, and can you tell us about it?
A: I can't think of one that was the worst vs. another very bad allergy day. I'd probably need a bit of prodding and real-time questioning to get that exact, but I can talk a bit about a bad day in general.  When I have a very bad allergy day, I wake up with a long sneezing fit and my eyes are all goopy.  I am just really out of it all day.  Its hard to focus, and I have so many long sneezing fits I am wiped out.  My congestion is really bad and I feel the pressure in my nose and all in my sinuses.  My ears can also feel clogged, and my nose is constantly runny and snotty.  My nose and eyes are all itchy and red, and my eyes r swollen and watery, and I just don't have the energy or ability to do really do anything.  Sorry if I am kinda vague, let me know if you have any follow-up questions.

Be sure to comment and ask questions and feel free to message or e-mail me!  Enjoy the holidays!


  1. Have you ever considered moving to live somewhere where the winters are longer/the pollen season is shorter, or to somewhere with less allergenic plant life? Living by the sea is also supposed to be better for people with hayfever, I believe. I realize that moving isn't something that's easily done, but if it was a possibility for you, do you think it would be worth trying?

  2. Hiya Kate! I hope you had a nice holidays and that the plane didn't give you too much trouble!
    How does your family do in terms of your allergies? Are they accommodating or do they inadvertently do things that set them off sometimes? I hope for your sake they don't get a real Christmas tree…!

  3. At this time are you still seeing an allergist? If so how are they trying to treat or help you and is it working?

  4. So, how many sneezing fits did you have on the plane? I hate sneezing fits on planes, nowhere to go to get away.

  5. Hi, Kate! I hope your 2015 is starting off well! You mentioned in some earlier posts that you can't blow your nose, and it got me to thinking (and this is merely a suggestion): I work at a preschool, and since babies/toddlers often can't blow their nose, we use a bulb syringe or some other suction device to literally suck the snot out. I was wondering, would suction work for you? Again, merely a suggestion, and I apologize if that's a question you get often. I hope your January is going smoothly!