Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sorry it has been so long, and some Q+A

OMG, its been so long since I posted, like about 3 months!  I was waiting for some questions to answer.  I got 2, but then I wanted to wait to see if I got a few more, then I kinda forgot abut posting, then felt bad about not posting, so I started avoiding it for a bit.  I even had a dream I wanted to post about but I have totally forgotten it now.

The late summer/early fall has been horrible for my allergies.  It felt worse than last year I think.  I am very allergic to ragweed, and when my allergies are bad, I react stronger to everything else I am allergic to.  They have been getting better over these last few weeks, but I still have days that are really bad.  Also, heating systems are being turned on, and that moves dust around, which I am also pretty allergic to.

Now for the Q+A:

Q: Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend and how does she/he handle this?
A: Yes.  I have a girlfriend.  Its the best relationship I have had.  Its getting close to 3 years we have been together.  I think part of the reason its so good is that she is extremely understanding of my allergies.  She has allergies herself, although nowhere near as bad as mine and only to a few things.  She is always being helpful and considerate.  She will do things for me when I can't, do her best to help me avoid things I am allergic to, and she is very patient when my allergies are being really bad.  I feel so very lucky to have her, and I am so happy that she feels the same about me :)  I hope that answered the question, let me know if you want to know more.

Q: If you're comfortable answering this…is intimacy difficult with you SO because of your allergies? I imagine feeling like you're on the verge of sneezing while making out would be distracting...
A:  This is one of the things she is very patient about.  Sometimes just my allergies being so bad makes me not be in the mood for anything.  Being so congested makes it hard to be kissing for any length of time, cause I have to stop to take a breath.  If I am sneezing a lot, it obviously also makes kissing and making out difficult.  If my nose is being very snotty, I get too worried my nose will be messy too.  When my allergies are acting up, sometime we have to pause for me to deal with a sneezing fit or something, and sometimes I just am unable to be as active as I'd like to be when we are being intimate.  Allison is really my first SO that hasn't gotten upset about it and she is always understanding about it, and really tries to accommodate me.

I am sorry I took so long to make this post.  I really hope people are still reading it.  I guess if I get more people reading, people will give me more idea of what to post and more questions to answer.  So please let people know about my blog and please give me ideas and questions.  As usual, feel free to e-mail or message me on yahoo messenger.  I also use msn messenger/skype, but yahoo is easier for me.

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  1. Earlier, you wrote about the sneezing room. Growing up, did you wish for other ways of dealing with your allergies?