Thursday, July 31, 2014

End of July Q+A

I don't have much to add to this post, other than the questions I recently got, so here we go.

Q: Often when I'm walking out in to the sunlight I will start sneezing from the light, it's like when the sunlight hits my eyes it triggers a sneeze immediately. Does looking at sunlight make you sneeze too?  
A:  I think it might, but I sneeze so much anyway that its hard to tell.  There are so many things outside that make me sneeze, that I don't know if the sun is doing it or not.
Q: Does your significant other (if you have one) bless you? I finally asked mine just to not bother and not even comment or say anything. It's more comfortable for me that way because I don't feel so aware.
A: Same as you.  She used to early on, but I asker her not to, for the same reasons.  I don't like so much attention being brought to it, and it would be crazy to hear so many blesses even in one day!

Q: Later on in my sneezing fits, after they start to slow down a bit, I find I have a lot of 'false start' sneezes, where at the very last second the need to sneeze goes away. It's really frustrating because I don't get the relief from that build-up. It's also embarrassing around others because I can sit there with my breath hitching over and over. Do you ever get these?
A: I don't usually get them at the end of fits.  I get them when my congestion is really bad and I need to start a fit.  I get all these build-ups and false starts before the fits start.  I find it embarrassing too, sitting there hitching over and over and someone asking something like 'whats the matter?' 

Wow, these answers were kinda short, sorry about that but I guess the questions didn't need long answers.  I am happy to answer follow-up questions if anyone has any.

As usual, feel free to contact me with questions so I can keep posting, or just to chat.  yahoo messenger and e-mail is usually best.


  1. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend and how does she/he handle this?

  2. If you're comfortable answering this…is intimacy difficult with you SO because of your allergies? I imagine feeling like you're on the verge of sneezing while making out would be distracting...