Monday, July 14, 2014

Sneezing room and an allergy dream

When I was in high school I used to always wish something I called a 'sneezing room' existed.  They are small rooms, sound-proof, with a small bench or chair, a few boxes of tissues and a sink.  This way I could go in there, not be disturbed when I am having an allergy attack or sneezing fit, and noone would see or hear it.

Last week I had a weird dream about my allergies.  My nose was really long, longer than my arm.  My nose was being very drippy, but I couldn't do much about it because my nose was too long.  Everyone was telling me that if I sneezed, it would stop.  I told them I didn't want to sneeze, but they kept doing things to make me start sneezing, then right as I was about to start sneezing they all told me not to sneeze and someone would grab and squeeze closed the end of my nose.  It was very uncomfortable for me, and then when the feeling of needing to sneeze went away, they person would let go of my nose.  Then when it started dripping again, they started to tell me to sneeze again, etc.  That cycle went on a few times before I woke up.

I had another allergy dream recently but I can't remember it.

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  1. Often when I'm walking out in to the sunlight I will start sneezing from the light, it's like when the sunlight hits my eyes it triggers a sneeze immediately. Does looking at sunlight make you sneeze too?

  2. Later on in my sneezing fits, after they start to slow down a bit, I find I have a lot of 'false start' sneezes, where at the very last second the need to sneeze goes away. It's really frustrating because I don't get the relief from that build-up. It's also embarrassing around others because I can sit there with my breath hitching over and over. Do you ever get these?

  3. Does your significant other (if you have one) bless you? I finally asked mine just to not bother and not even comment or say anything. It's more comfortable for me that way because I don't feel so aware.