Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Late June Q+A

I am sorry again for waiting so long between posts.  My allergies have been really horrible this spring and summer.  I think its the worst it has ever been!

Since it has been a while, there are a good number of questions for me to answer now:

Q:Do you remember your worst allergy day/period in your life since 14? Can you describe it?
A: Probably this spring/summer.  I have constant full congestion, I feel like I am always about to sneeze, and I have very long fits, my nose and sinuses and eyes are itchy and all red.  My nose runs like crazy and its hard to get things done or even sleep well.

Q:How do you cope with the allergy symptoms when you need to meet someone important when you have a bad allergy, or you just stay at home?
A: I stay at home if at all possible.  If I HAVE to go, I suffer though it the best I can, feeling very embarrassed the whole time.

Q:How much tissues do you take to go out on your typical allergy day(like a box, or a few packs)?
A: If possible, I'll take a box and a few packs.  I'll always put packs in pockets, etc.  If I have a bag big enough, I'll take a box too.

Q:I'm wondering what your sneeze sounds like, if you listen there are so many ways people sneeze, there is the big plain EHOO and the HITshoo and just TCHH with no 'oo'. And then there are the more high pitched girly ones like etCheeeeewww (high pitched). I know you try to be less noticeable so I'm wondering which one you try for.
A: I have a hard time describing it.  Each sneeze is not big-sounding.  I guess its closest to 'ha-chew' or 'hit-chew'.  I guess its kinda 'girly' but not super-high pitched.

Q:Have you ever sneezed while a dentist is doing work in your mouth? I've always wondered how you let them know you are going to sneeze if you can't talk!
A: I haven't been to the dentist that much and I have never though about it.  Now I have something else to worry about!  lol.

Q:Do you have the worst allergies of anyone you know or is there someone else who suffers from allergies worse than yours
A: Yes, I haven't met anyone who has allergies near as bad as mine.  I have run into one or 2 people online who seemed to have them almost as bad as me, but I haven't heard from them in a long time.

Thanks for the questions.  Please keep asking me more, and feel free to contact me and chat a bit.  I am kinda stuck lately not being able to do much, so I'd love the company!

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