Tuesday, April 29, 2014

End of April Q+A

This spring has really been miserable for me so far.  My allergies have been getting really bad.  Tried a new med, but its not making anything better.  I have 2 questions to answer.

Q: How do you deal with nose irritation from all the moisture of a runny nose? I imagine after a while your nose must become very raw and painful. Do you use things like Vaseline or those fancy aloe tissues?
A: My nose gets really red, like right now.  There isn't too much I can do about it, so it does get pretty irritated.  I have tried creams and such but it all gets wiped off too quickly to do anything.  I can only use plain tissues.  I have found I am allergic to something in the lotion tissues and extra-soft tissues.
Q: You've said before that on a bad allergy day you can easily use an entire box of tissues. What do you do when you're out? Do you carry multiple pocket packs in your purse? Keep a spare box in the car?
A: I try to never run out.  I keep tissues everywhere, like in different rooms, in my pockets and bag, and car, etc.  For the times I do run out, I have used napkins, paper towels, etc. and if I get really desperate I have used paper, a towel, a shirt.  My nose can get snotty really easily and I hate for anyone to see my nose so snotty.

I am really totally out of ideas on what to write about, so please keep questions coming.  Feel free to talk to me directly too if you want.  yahoo messenger or e-mailing my hotmail is best.


  1. i want to ask you some questions.

    1. Do you remember your worst allergy day/period in your life since 14? Can you describe it?

    2. How do you cope with the allergy symptoms when you need to meet someone important when you have a bad allergy, or you just stay at home?

    3. How much tissues do you take to go out on your typical allergy day(like a box, or a few packs)?

  2. I'm wondering what your sneeze sounds like, if you listen there are so many ways people sneeze, there is the big plain EHOO and the HITshoo and just TCHH with no 'oo'. And then there are the more high pitched girly ones like etCheeeeewww (high pitched). I know you try to be less noticeable so I'm wondering which one you try for.

  3. Have you ever sneezed while a dentist is doing work in your mouth? I've always wondered how you let them know you are going to sneeze if you can't talk!

  4. Do you have the worst allergies of anyone you know or is there someone else who suffers from allergies worse than yours