Sunday, July 7, 2013

Never buy cheap Q-tips!

I am sorry I haven't posted in a while, so I will even have 2 posts today!  This one is the explanation of why I haven't posted in a while

Since I am usually unable to blow my nose, I try to clean out the front of my nostrils a bit so I am not constantly dripping all over the place.  If I stick a tissue up there it makes me sneeze like crazy so I use a q-tip just in the front area of my nostrils to gently get as much as I can.  Now this last time we got q-tips we were trying to be cheap so we bought dollar-store q-tips instead of the real ones.  When I used one, the cotton tip slipped off and I couldn't get it out of my nostril.  Allison also tried but it got more stuck, and of course it was irritating my nose like crazy and got kinda messy.  We ended up having to go to the hospital to get it taken out, and when they were taking it out they told me some small blood vessels were broken and they wanted to fix them (and that explained all the nosebleeds I had been getting recently).

The problem was they wanted to do some tests, and then that ended up creating days of problems.  With all the problems doing the tests and the weird results that show up for me, they all wanted everyone to come and see me, doctors, residents, med students, etc.  I always hate that, and there was always new people coming in, asking me all the same stuff as the others, looking in my nose, seeing me all allergic, etc.  Most of them weren't very nice either.  They also didn't believe me when I told them things and then after all kinds of tests and stuff, they tell me what I told them before like it was their discovery!  And of course people wanted to do surgeries, and one doctor swore up and down I had a huge infection.  After a few days, he finally realized I didn't have one.

From all that, at least they fixed the blood vessels.  I haven't had any more nosebleeds at least.  I also found out I have more things I am allergic to than I thought:  wood pulp, saw dust, some things used in making some fabrics and rugs, and all kinds of food.  The food thing is weird.  I have known for a long time I am allergic to dairy because it gives me asthma attacks.  They also told me I am allergic to most fruits, nuts, wheat, some veggies and I think a few kinds of beans.  That is weird to me because I have never noticed any allergic reactions to any foods other than dairy.  One research doctor that saw me asked me to be in 2 studies, one testing out a drug, but I declined that because I usually don't have good reactions, and I don't want to be the first to test one.  The other has to do with testing nasal secretions that I might do, since it pays a bit of $.

Ok, well that is my crazy adventure from last week...ugh!  My nose is still sore (and maybe swollen a bit) from all the exams!  I am going to make a regular post soon today to make up for the missing time and because I might be busy trying to catch up on things this week.

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