Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Too long without posting

I feel so bad that its been over a month since my last post.  Sorry everyone!  I have been so busy trying to get work done, and being wiped out from my allergies that every time I go to blog I think 'ugh, I can't do this now, maybe tomorrow'.  Today I am making it happen though!

I can't think of too much I can bring up right now, because of the above, so right to a few Q+A that have been sitting around:

Q:Do you find that when you are very congested because of your allergies, like when one has a cold you lose your sense of taste? I know it must be really difficult to eat and drink when you are having sneezing fits and are really congested, but even when you can, can you taste food or is it a bit like a cold when it's just sustenance? 
A: I have nasal congestion most of the time, so I often don't really have a sense of smell, and that of course impacts my ability to taste.  I usually don't taste too much when I eat food when I am congested like that.  And yes, with lots of sneezing and congestion, it is hard to eat and drink.  I will tend to mainly sip water often when I am like that.

Q:How are things going for you? The pollen counts are at severe here where I am and I've DEFINITELY noticed. I can only imagine you're not doing too great <3 Hope you are getting SOME relief anyway! 
A:  (ok, maybe not really a question that needs answering here, but I need something to write about!).  Yea, its been pretty bad for me so far, and not much relief.  The most annoying part is that the more I am exposed to pollen (or anything else I am allergic to), the more sensitive my nose gets and the more I react to things.

Q:You mentioned at worst you sneezed a "few thousand" times a day??? I mean, assuming 16 hours of being awake, 2000 sneezes means an average of over 2 sneezes a minute, all day long??? How are these spaced out? I mean, how many sneezes in a "long fit", and how long does that take?
A: Yes, its pretty crazy isn't it?  I almost always sneeze in long fits, almost never less than around 10, and not usually more than around 30, although there have been a few times where I just couldn't stop sneezing for a long time, gets really exhausting and kinda freaky.  I never really broke down the timing of it all, but lets say an average of a 20 sneeze fit, and it takes maybe a minute or less usually?  My sneezes often come very quickly after each other, although occasionally there are gaps and time for the sneezes to come.

I hope I answered all the questions well.  Please keep them coming because I am having a hard time thinking about what to write.  I am going to keep making the effort to post about weekly.  Feel free to comment or contact me directly!

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  1. You say that your allergies cause you problems with your sleeping patterns. How do you deal with that? Are you able to catnap and get enough sleep that way or do you find that you are always tired during allergy season?