Saturday, May 11, 2013

May Q+A

Sorry that its been longer than I wanted to wait between posts again.  I am happy that new people seem to be asking questions though!

Q: If someone asked you "What's it like to have hayfever?" and you had only 15 seconds to answer, what would you say?
A: Its a bit hard to keep it that short.  I would say something like "Its like having a cold but a bit different.  You get congestion and runny nose and sneezing like in a cold, but the sneezing is more.  Eyes get watery and itchy and  the inside of your nose can really tickle/tingle.Unlike a cold, it also lasts much longer."

Q: How many times would you see that you sneezed in a typical day .?>  does it affect your sleeping patterns too?
A: It varies greatly.  It can be a couple of hundred times a day to probably a few thousand times per day.  I usually sneeze in long fits and when things are really bad I might not have much time at all between fits.  It really does affect my sleeping.  Its hard to lay down when I am sneezing so much, and laying down is tough when you are very congested.  Besides the sneezing, a runny nose, or an itchy nose or itchy eyes can be very distracting when trying to sleep.

Q: I know you prefer written to spoken communications, but what is your method of handling phone conversations when you're having an allergy attack, and can you give a recent example?
A: If its not too bad, I'll ask them to hold on for a min.  Sometimes I'll try to wrap up the conversation real fast if thats possible   Otherwise I'll tell them that I have to call them back later, or to send me an e-mail or something.  I can't think of a recent example because when it a bad time of year I will avoid answering the phone and send a text message if someone tried to call me.  

Let me know if those were good answers.  Welcome again to the couple of new people reading and asking :)  Feel free to comment, ask more stuff, or send me a message!


  1. Do you find that when you are very congested because of your allergies, like when one has a cold you lose your sense of taste? I know it must be really difficult to eat and drink when you are having sneezing fits and are really congested, but even when you can, can you taste food or is it a bit like a cold when it's just sustenance?

  2. How are things going for you? The pollen counts are at severe here where I am and I've DEFINITELY noticed. I can only imagine you're not doing too great <3 Hope you are getting SOME relief anyway!