Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Q+A for end of April

The pollens are still making my allergies really bad.  I'm a total mess.  I have questions to answer so at least I don't have to think things up to write about!

Q: Are you on the east or west coast now? New England is just starting to get hit with pollen misery.
A: East coast.  Yea, its pretty bad now.

Q: How is social life for you? Is it difficult to go out to bars/restaurants with friends or co-workers? Or is it easier to host people at your place because you have more control over the environment? 

A: Social life is hard sometimes.  Many times I have to cancel plans or leave places early.  I will also tend to push myself too much:  go out when I'm feeling too bad, or go places that I probably shouldn't, and I often end up feeling more miserable.  Its nice to be able to have more control over the environment at home, but the big disadvantage is that I don't really have anywhere to run off to.  If I am somewhere else, i can always leave or have someone help me leave.  If its at my own place, there is no where to go, I have to stay with everyone there.

Q: I'd guess all the sneezing must make it quite diffcult to type as well, which makes even e-mails etc. difficult? Is it difficult to do your schoolwork when things are like this? 
A: Lots of sneezing fits does make it harder to type, but its MUCH easier than talking!  Yes, its pretty hard to get schoolwork done.  It ends up taking me a long time.  Besides just interrupting me, my allergies makes it hard to focus, and have the energy to do everything.

Q: I might have missed your post somewhere, have u taken any allergy test to confirm your allergens?
A: Yes, I wrote about it in my 1st few posts.  To keep it simple, I had positive tests to almost any environmental allergy that can be tested.

As usual, please comment and give me feedback.  Ask more questions, and feel free to contact me if I am online; it usually means I am feeling icky or bored and could use the company.


  1. Hi,

    I'm online sometimes and read your blog. I would contact you when you're online if I knew how! Where are you online?


    1. Thanks, glad you found my blog, and I hope you like it. On yahoo IM I am sneezykate and on MSN messenger/skype I am sneezykate@hotmail.com