Saturday, April 6, 2013

Allergies Today and More Q+A

Tree pollen has been getting high lately and its been driving my allergies nuts the last few days.  Been pretty miserable with my nose and sinuses and eyes going nuts.  I have found that the pollen season starts a few weeks later than in Seattle but it ramps up much faster.  I used to go through this worsening of my allergies over a few weeks, but here it seems to happen over a few days.

Today is one of those days where I probably won't be able to get much done.  I do have a good number of questions to answer, so that is easier than having to think up my own post in this condition.

Q: Have you ever considered any kind of sinus surgery? I would think there'd have to be some thing out there that could help you in some way...??
A: I have been asked that many times over the years.  The short answer is that it wont help.  I had looked into it before and I was told that it MIGHT be helpful for a short time, maybe a year or 2 even, but with my allergies being so bad, and my nose and sinuses being so sensitive, any benefit would eventually go away.  Earlier in this blog I also wrote about how narrow the inside my passages are, etc, and there just isn't the space in there to do anything about it.  

Q:Given how bad things can get, I'd imagine that you prefer to just use a tissue then get rid of it?! If you are going out in full season, how do you deal with it. Would you just carry a lot of tissues with you?
A: Yes, I always carry alot of tissues with me.  If I have a bag or backpack big enough, I'll actually carry around a whole box, and I like to have some in every room where I live.  If I have any pockets, I keep some in most pockets.  And yes, I like to use a tissue as much as I can, then just get rid of it.  makes things easier that way.

Q:Who, besides your girlfriend, are you most comfortable having a sneezing attack around? And why?
A: My best friend Jessie.  I made a post about how we met and became friends early on in this blog.  The why is because her allergies are also very bad (though not as bad as mine).  I haven't seen her as often since I moved to the east coast, but we still stay in touch and I visit her when I can.

Q:How do you decide, on a bad allergy day, to stop fighting it and give up trying to have a normal, productive day?
A: Its hard to say exactly, other than just how crappy I am feeling.  How worn down and how bad my allergies are being really determines it.  Some days like that I wake up and know I just can't function that day, sometimes I have to stop part-way through the day.

Q:With everything you've written about snotty sneezes and runny noses, do you enjoy sneezing in the shower, because tissues are redundant?
A: 'Enjoy' is way too strong a word.  I feel like I am very messy when I am in the shower so I don't like that.  The sneezes and the snot can come much more in the shower so that makes me feel more messy and kind of overwhelmed.  On the good side, its easy to clean up and there is no one else around.

Thanks everyone for all the questions.  It makes it easier to post.  My next post topic might not be as interesting to some people, so if you ask me more questions, I can answer them too.  As usual, feel free to comment, e-mail, or chat with me if you'd like!.


  1. Hi Kate,
    I chanced upon your blog and immediately knew we are on the same page. I can feel your pain and identify the sufferings you have to go through. I'm allergic to dust mites and dog furs, though looking at your list of allergies, I think you have it alot worse than me.

    Not many blog personally abt their allergic rhinitis, unlike ecezma and food allergies. I'm not sure why. So I've recently started my own blog on how I cope and live with it. Its still very new, your comments are welcome :)

    Keep your candid posts coming!

    1. Thank you so much for the support! Sorry that you have to suffer too. Yea, I find it weird that there are plenty of allergy blogs and online groups and such for food and skin allergies, but almost nothing for nasal allergies.

      I will certainly check out your blog!