Thursday, March 28, 2013

Seeing snot

Since I don't have any questions to answer, and I have been kinda busy lately, I am just going to post something quickly.

I can get pretty paranoid about people seeing my nose being snotty.  I make a large effort effort when I am around others, or if others can possibly see me, in hiding any snottiness.  When I am alone, its not much of a big deal to me, but I hate for anyone else to see it.  I am usually not able to blow my nose so my sneezes can get pretty snotty and sometimes my nose can run really badly.

I always use tissues when I sneeze because of that and I often wipe my nose and I often check in a mirror to make sure nothing can be seen.  I have been told that using a hankie would be better, but i don't see how it would be.  I use a tissue and when its used, I can grab others.  With a hankie, I think I'd snot it up kinda quickly, then it wouldn't be of any more help.

Trees have started pollinating and I'm certainly feeling it.  Allergies have been starting to get bad.

Give me some stuff to answer or at least make some comments please!

PS.  Nothing to do with allergies, but its something I just thought about recently.  In cartoons, many female superheroes or with powers that can fly tend to wear skirts.  That makes no sense to me.  Its a pretty silly idea to wear a skirt when you can fly!


  1. I can see why the snottiness factor would be a major pain and embarrassment. I'm sorry you have to deal with that- sounds like a bummer <3

    Trees have just begun pollinating here too...ahh, spring. I hope this season isn't too rough on you. Have you ever considered any kind of sinus surgery? I would think there'd have to be some thing out there that could help you in some way...??

  2. I can completely see why you feel embarrassed about that, and how annoying it must be. I suppose the suggestions about hankies are probably to do with the fact that when you need so many, they might be easier to carry around than tissues, but then again with tissues you can always just bring a box or some handy packs, or leave them strategically around in your own home. Given how bad things can get, I'd imagine that you prefer to just use a tissue then get rid of it?! If you are going out in full season, how do you deal with it. Would you just carry a lot of tissues with you?

    I hope that things don't get too rough on you!

    Lol...On female superheroes this is true. Also, a lot of flying superheroes wear capes. Anyone who has seen "The Incredibles" knows why this is a bad idea! :p I think the skirt is just part of the somewhat improbable aesthetic that seems to particularly affect female superheroes.