Sunday, April 14, 2013

Allergies are Bad, and Menstrual Cycle Connections

I get PMS the week before my period and I have found that my PMS and my allergies play off each other.  Each one makes the other one worse.  All the sneezing seems to make my cramps feel worse and my breasts feel more ouchy.  And just for that week before my period, my allergy symptoms just seem worse than other times.  And they both tire me out!

I also wanted to note that my allergies have been horrible over this last week!  I feel like my nose and sinuses are full of pollen!  Been really hard to get anything done lately.  So much sneezing that its interrupting everything, and people have a hard time understanding me through my stuffiness.

No questions to answer, and I can't think of much else to say right now so thats it today.  Please comment and give me feedback and more topics to talk about!


  1. Kate,
    I think I observe this pattern as well. Hope you are feeling abit better now?

    I might have missed your post somewhere, have u taken any allergy test to confirm your allergens?

    I have a new post up on using acupressure points to help allergy. Seems it works for many, so am going to try it out too. If you are open to alternative healing, give it a try too.

  2. I'd guess all the sneezing must make it quite diffcult to type as well, which makes even e-mails etc. difficult? Is it difficult to do your schoolwork when things are like this?

  3. Periods really screw the body up, huh? I've had an anxiety disorder all my life and it always gets significantly worse when I'm PMSing. Kinda shitty of our bodies to make us suffer overtime once a month! Never noticed the allergy connection, but now that I think of it, I have been a bit anxious and blowing my nose a little more than usual this week...hmm.

    Are you on the east or west coast now? New England is just starting to get hit with pollen misery.

    How is social life for you? Is it difficult to go out to bars/restaurants with friends or co-workers? Or is it easier to host people at your place because you have more control over the environment?