Sunday, July 7, 2013

Eating and drinking with allergies and Q+A

Someone was asking me about difficulties with eating when my allergies are bad so I though I would mention a quick bit about it.

Eating can be difficult when my allergies are bad.  I'm too congested to breathe through my nose so I have to keep opening my mouth to breathe.  I have also had a number of times where a sneezing fit started when I had a mouthful of food.  I end up sneezing out the food :(  Luckily that has only happened when I was alone or with my family.  I learned to take really small bites.  makes it easier for breathing and for avoiding sneezing fits during chewing.  Avoiding sneezing or dripping all over food takes a bit of effort too.

Drinking is a bit easier by just taking small sips often.  I will tend to have a good amount of water throughout the day just by sipping little bits often.

When my allergies are bad, I am often not hungry anyway so I stick with mostly water.  Soup is sometimes good too.

Two for Q+A:

Q:You're learning about others who have awful full-time allergies. What are some questions you would ask them, to learn how they are managing to cope?
A: I never though much about that.  I can give general answers at least.  I would ask what exactly they are allergic to, what symptoms do they get, what things work for them with avoiding what they are allergic to, and if they found anything that works for them with dealing with symptoms and other issues.

Q:You say that your allergies cause you problems with your sleeping patterns. How do you deal with that? Are you able to catnap and get enough sleep that way or do you find that you are always tired during allergy season? 
A: I am often tired during allergy season, from lack of sleep and from the allergies wearing me out.  I will sometimes just doze off randomly if I am sitting around, and that helps a bit.  During allergy season, I will often try to take naps and see if I can sleep.  Many times I will doze off randomly and get wakened by a sneezing fit.

Thanks or reading everyone! Keep questions coming and feel free to say hi to me.

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  1. The q-tip story from your last post sounds awful! What a nightmare :-/

    A few questions:
    -Do you have a favorite product or trick that gives you any relief?

    -Do you have a guilty pleasure that causes you allergies but you still indulge in once and a while and just deal with the consequences? (i.e. I know someone who has a not terribly but still real allergy to chocolate who will have a small piece every so often even though she'll end up itchy and uncomfortable for while after).