Sunday, June 24, 2012

long awaited update for June

Sorry its been so long.  I just haven't been in the posting mood.  I wanted to update 2 things.

I tried the nasal filters and they were much less impressive than I had hoped.  They don't stay in the right place, I can feel them in there and they get gunked up with snot pretty quickly.  They only helped mildly anyway. I used them for about 5 days then I gave up on them.

I have been in the drug trial and will be for at least a few more weeks.  It is somewhat helpful.  Its not totally getting rid of my symptoms but its helping in some areas.  I am getting some side effects.  Nothing horrible but they can be annoying. 

I also had a wacky dream a few days ago.  It only slightly had to do with my allergies though.  I visited a friend I hadn't seen since I was a kid.  When I got there I needed to change, and when I had all my clothes off except my panties for some reason I walked with my friend though the house having a conversation.  I then realized I was mostly naked but every time I meant to go back to get clothes on, I would run into someone and start having a conversation and then partway through realize I was naked and then try to go get clothes, but then run into someone else: her family, her parents, other friends, random people, etc.  I would talk to the person, then after a bit I would get a strange look from then and then I would realize I was mostly naked.  At one point I was told I had to hold some flowers, and they started me sneezing and my nose running and I didn't have a sleeve so I kept switching between looking for tissues and getting my clothes but never doing either.  For some reason I wasn't able to put the flowers down.  After a bit of that, the dream ended.

Any ideas on what the dream might mean?  Any more questions for me so I can do a new Q+A?


  1. Well it's pretty well established (in as far as dream interpretation can, that nakedness is an anxiety dream. Are you particularly anxious about something at the moment? Are your allergies being bad making you anxious about talking to people?

    1. I can't think of anything in particular thats different than usual. When my allergies are bad it always makes me anxious to talk to people!

  2. Hello, I've been an allergy sufferer for most/my entire life (I'm 25). I get sporadic episodes of extreme sneezing coupled with congestion. I find that nasal sprays (flow-nase in particular) work the best to prevent my attacks, but I get severe bloody nose side-effects esp. in the winter, so I can't continuosly use them. Once my "attacks" begin, there is no stopping them. The only solution is a good night sleep, but it extends into the next days sometimes. I refuse to take 1st GEN anti-histamines, too drowsy, but all the second generation and beyonds don't work at all. I just hope and pray I don't wake up with an itch to sneeze or else I'll be down for the count. I get that intermittent sneezing you described in one post where you basically feel like you're going to sneeze inbetween the actual sneezes.

    Anyways, I read this blog for the first time today, and quite a funny/interesting post. I'm atleast glad some one takes the time to write about how ridiculous allergys and sneezing can be!

    1. Thanks, I am glad you like my post! Feel free to read the rest of my posts and tell me what yout think.

      I have the same issues with meds too. I also can't use nasal sprays because the moment I spray them I sneeze like crazy, sneezing all the meds out before they have a chance to work.

      Its funny that you posted becasue today I was just lamenting to myself that I don't really have anybody to chat with who also has really bad allergies. If you are on yahoo IM (sneezykate)or MSN IM ( I'd love for us to comiserate together sometime if thats ok.