Monday, May 7, 2012

Dream and nasal filters

Two posts in two days!  Crazy huh?  Anyway I had a dream last night and it got me looking for stuff online today and I wanted to see if anyone had any opinions on this too.

Last night I dreamed I was part of a superhero team.  I had to wear a face mask when we went to do superhero stuff so allergens couldn't bother my nose and interfere with out missions.  The cover story was that I was an alien and I exhale a toxin so the mask was to protect others.  This way villains wouldn't try to take it off me.  I could only ever have the mask off in one part of our base that had an airlock and was designed to be allergen-free.

The dream got me thinking about face masks.  The problem is that unless I wear one 24/7 (like I guess I did in the dream) its not going to keep my allergies away and putting a mask over an already allergic nose is not helpful and is actually annoying.  The only time I really ever use a mask is when I am doing the research assistant stuff so that I don't get anything on the experiments since I need both my hands for my work.  I have to keep going off and clean out the mask or replace it if I can't clean it out anymore.

I decided to look over allergy masks again and I found this thing called a nasal filter.  They seem really interesting but I don't know if they would work for me.  There seems to be 2 major types:


I would think the first type would work better, but on the 2nd type they talk about how the first type inserts fall out often, how they are more irritating, and easier to see.  I think the irritation part could be a real hassle for me and I like that the 2nd type is harder to see.

Does anyone have any experience with any kind of nasal filter or know enough about them to answer some questions that I have about them?

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