Sunday, October 3, 2010

People can be mean

I had mentioned in an earlier post about people being mean and I think someone asked for me to write more about it.  I am going to post here a few of my experiences with people who suck and/or don't really seem to care about other people.

I can split these people into 3 categories.  Some who think they are being funny and say stuff in public areas, some who just don't care/understand and are mean because of that, and some who are just deliberately mean.

Sometimes I would hate the public people the most because it can feel the most embarrassing.  Many times in high school, but also some in college or in other public places where many people are around, some would yell out stuff.  I would start sneezing and after a number of sneezes, people would laugh, and someone would yell "BLESS YOU!" loudly many times.  Some people might yell "why are you sneezing so much?", or "OMG!  Just stop!", or other things like that.  I hate all the attention that draws to me.  The worst was sometimes at lunch in HS, I wold have a very long fit and the lunchroom would start to get all quiet because everyone was listening to me and looking at me and laughing.  Sometimes I really wanted to cry from embarrassment.  I can deal with it better now.  I do run off to the bathroom often when I start having a fit in public.  I tend to miss parts of many movies.

I have had to deal with many people who just didn't care.  I would go to someones house and they  had an animal that I was allergic to, or just something in the house would set me off.  They say that I will get used to it in a bit, or my allergies would calm down, or that I was making too big a deal.  If I didn't have a ride sometimes I would sit there feeling and looking miserable and not be able to get away.  I also knew some people who didn't believe I was allergic to something or think that maybe it was all in my head.  They hid the animal, or flowers or whatever before I came over.  My allergies would get worse and worse and I had no idea why.  Then they say "Oh, we didn't think you were really allergic to it"

There were a few people who deliberately set off my allergies because they wanted to upset me or mess something up for me, or I guess they were just plain mean.  The main one was someone in HS who just really hated my guts.  She blamed me for stuff that wasn't even my fault and kept trying to get back at me.  She discovered she could set off my allergies at really bad times for me.  I didn't find this all out until much later.  Once she did it before I was going to meet up with a guy I was interested in.  My allergies got so bad that it screwed it all up.  One time she stole the tissue box out of my backpack and in class when I started having a bad sneezing fit I couldn't find them and I had to keep sneezing into my hands and I couldn't deal with the snottiness and dripping and everything and that was really horrible and embarrassing!  Another time she got a hold of my tissue box and put dust or pollen or something all around in there.  Of course I was using the tissues and not knowing so I kept getting worse and worse all day and I had no clue why.  That one was really miserable!

I have had people tell me my allergies were bothering them, my sneezing was a disruption, that I should be able to control them better, or that I was deliberately exaggerating them.  They all really suck!  I don't get why people have to be like that.  Its not as bad as it was in high school, but I think some people just don't get it.  I wish they would.


  1. Some people are just downright awful dear! *hug* We've discussed thoughtlessness many times, but someone intentionally setting off your allergies or stealing tissues, that's just horrible. Of course that's School. Now it's more likely to be thoughtlessness, which is still very hurtful, but at least isn't malicious in intent.

  2. I can't stand rude ass people like that. Like who the hell do they think they are?!?! And that chick that purposefully set you off with sabotaging your kleenex with dust/pollen needs to nice kick in the butt!