Saturday, October 23, 2010

New idea

I think what I will start doing is make more shorter posts about how my allergies have been recently.  I find making the long posts about the past pretty challenging.  Not exactly sure why.

Last few days have been better and worse with my allergies.  They are fluctuating some.  Last night they got pretty bad but today they aren't as bad.  I am planning on hanging out with friends later and I think it is pretty doable today. Without the constant irritation of so much pollen, now its more about trying to avoid being around all the other things that cause my allergies.   Until the winter really gets going, the hardest will be heating systems kicking up all the dust that settled into them over the year.


  1. Wish we could hang out. I miss your cute butt

  2. Feel free to post past experiences if you happen to remember something significant. I'm always interested to know about what troubles your allergies may have caused you. I do like the short, more often posts for sure too! Hope you're doing well!