Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A New Post So Soon!

I happened across some interesting articles I wanted to share.  They both have to do with explaining what its like having allergies:



What does everyone think about these?  Does anyone else have any other resources that discuss what its like for people with allergies?

I have a couple of questions:

Q: You mentioned earlier that Allison bends over backwards to help you with your allergies, and I'm wondering, does she ever "fuss" over you, or coddle you when your allergies are bad, or does that bother you?
Also, does she really *never * say "bless you?" I know that in general the concept of blessing embarrasses you in public, especially when people say it after every sneeze and are mean about it. But is she allowed to say it sometimes? I always think of it as a way of expressing sympathy, so after a particularly bad fit does she never say one, single " Bless you"? I can't imagine having a S/O who sneezes all the time ( especially if they are truly suffering) and *never * blessing them? 
A: The fussing and cuddling is nice.  Its great having someone so helpful like she is :)

She will say it every once in a while, once or twice a day at the most though. 

Q:  How much would you say your allergies affect your eating habits/ enjoyment of food? I know you don't eat much when your allergies are bad, just due to not really feeling hungry, but what about in general? I know you have trouble tasting, but do you still get at least some enjoyment out of food ? How about compared to before your allergies starting? I kind of imagined you as not eating enough and being, almost, frail? Because your posts make it seem like you can't enjoy eating at all D: 
A: It affects it a lot.  Food doesn't have much taste for me, so I don't find it that interesting to eat.  Maybe my allergies in general too make me less interested in the hassles around eating.  Before I got allergies, I ate more, but even then I'd often get sidetracked by other things and forget to eat at times.

Sorry this post wasn't too long, but its nice to get one up so soon after the last one.  I am interested t get your answers to my questions this time!  As always, feel free to say hi and chat.

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