Saturday, October 15, 2016

Oct update and Q+A

Mid Oct and the ragweed levels have been coming down, so my allergies are slowly starting to get a bit better.  It takes my nose a while to not be as sensitive though.  The longer my allergies are bad, the more sensitive I get to everything so it takes some time for that to calm down.  I have to keep remembering though when I say 'my allergies aren't that bad'  most others see it as really bad, lol.

I have some Qs to A:

Q: Also, do you use corticosteriod nasal sprays ? Or are you too congested to try them?
A: Tried them and not only is the congestion the problem, but when I try to use sprays, I start sneezing like crazy and my nose gets all runny so the medication just doesn't stay in.

Q: How much do would you say allergies affect your performance in school? Are you so sued to it, so focused, etc. that except for the *really* intense days , or does it actually affect your grades. Has it taken you longer to finish your PhD because of this?
A: They have certainly affected school and work.  Missed days, not able to do as much as id like on many others, etc.  It has taken me longer because of my allergies. 

Q: Would you consider yourself a spoonie? ( "spoons" are this system for measuring how much energy a person with a chronic illness has. Generally applies to chronic fatigue/pain disorders, but since your allergies are soo severe I feel like it may apply) 
A: I didn't really know about this until you asked.  I don't think I would.  What I can do all depends on how bad my allergies are that day which is dependent upon what and how much I get exposed to.

Q: Do you ever lament about how mild your allergies started?
A: Not really.  They got pretty bad pretty quickly.  I more lament how I used to not have any allergies.

Q: Do you still take allergy shots. 
A:  No, not anymore.  I had them for a few years when I was younger, and they made no difference.

I am still on yahoo chat, but its not that great anymore.  Skype chat might be better.  I think the best way to find me there is my e-mail:

Thanks, and keep commenting, asking questions, and saying hi!


  1. Hi Kate :)
    You mentioned earlier that Allison bends over backwards to help you with your allergies, and I'm wondering, does she ever "fuss" over you, or coddle you when your allergies are bad, or does that bother you?
    Also, does she really *never * say "bless you?" I know that in general the concept of blessing embarrasses you in public, especially when people say it after every sneeze and are mean about it. But is she allowed to say it sometimes? I always think of it as a way of expressing sympathy, so after a particularly bad fit does she never say one, single " Bless you"? I can't imagine having a S/O who sneezes all the time ( especially if they are truly suffering) and *never * blessing them?

  2. How much would you say your allergies affect your eating habits/ enjoyment of food? I know you don't eat much when your allergies are bad, just due to not really feeling hungry, but what about in general? I know you have trouble tasting, but do you still get at least some enjoyment out of food ? How about compared to before your allergies starting? I kind of imagined you as not eating enough and being, almost, frail? Because your posts make it seem like you can't enjoy eating at all D: