Saturday, December 10, 2016

Not just allergies

Its been a long time since last post.  I have been busy because I am getting ready to graduate in a bit over a week!  Then I'll have a break for about a month, then start my job at the lab I have been doing the internship.  Between that and not having any questions to answer and not much in the way of ideas for posts, well time got away from me.

My allergies have been getting a bit better, but still kinda bad.  I think dust and mold is really getting to me, between heating systems, decorations, x-mas tress, scents, etc.

I also found out that besides allergies, I also have vasomotor rhinitis.  That's pretty much things causing similar symptoms, but not an actual allergic response.  Mainly its just a label for the fact that my nose is oversensitive to everything.  I also have turbinate hypertrophy.  That's part of the chronic inflammation in my nose and me always being congested.

I don't have much else to add now.  No idea if I will post again before the new year.

As usual, please feel free to say hi on skype or by email. works for both I think.  I'd love questions to answer too.  Happy holidays!


  1. Hello Kate! I am glad your allergies are getting better, or at least somewhat better. I have a few questions:

    Is going to the dentist ever problematic? Considering you sneeze so often, having an appointment during a time when you're having allergies or are sick must be embarrassing for you.

    Are there any foods you're allergic to? Are the symptoms the same as with scents and plants?

    Would you say your sneezes are loud or soft? There are many people I know that sneeze rarely, but their sneezes are still distracting because they are so loud.

    You said in this post scents are causing you a reaction. Are these perfumes and colognes or candles and other things?

    Finally, how do you get rid of dust in your home? Do you suck it up and clean it or does Allison do it? I know it must be very important for you to get rid of it since it is an allergy of yours.

    Thank you and I hope your allergies get better as rage weed season ends! :)

  2. Hello and happy holidays Kate!

    I was wondering if things have changed for you in terms of mornings. A long time ago you wrote those were the worst, that you had to set aside a lot of time in the morning for your allergies. Is it still like that, every day since then? Do you ever find yourself needing to sleep over somewhere else where this gets extra difficult for you in the morning?

    Why do you think the shower makes you sneeze? I was surprised to read that since typically flushing with water helps allergies.

    How is your new job and the people there?

  3. I have a question:

    You often say that you want to run away to a bathroom when you're having a sneezing fit in public. Wouldn't people also head you in there? I know plenty of people that would feel awkward with someone constantly sneezing in the stall next to them. I'm sorry if that sounds harsh, I'm just wondering. I hope you feel better Kate!!