Friday, June 3, 2016

Early June Q+A!

2 posts in one week, crazy right?  I felt bad for making such a downer post, and I got an influx of questions so I wanted to post while I have motivation to do so.  Allergies are still being very bad.  Now on to the questions:

Q: Does sunlight cause sneezing fits for you?
A: Not a whole sneezing fit, but the moment I'm in the sunlight I'll sneeze a few times.

Q: Imagine you could get rid of one allergy symptom but "in exchange" would have to accept another one getting twice as bad as it is now. Which symptoms would you choose, or would you decide against such a "trade"?
A: It would be to get rid of sneezing, and the one to make twice as bad would be my eyes being red, since that's probably the one I notice/affects me the least.

Q: If you weren't so congested and could sniffle and wipe your nose, how would you deal with it? Would you blow your nose often to avoid the sniffling or would you do with the sniffling?
A: I'd do both.  It would really be nice to be able to blow my nose, but I'd not want to do it constantly and I'd probably sniffle a lot without realizing it.

Q: If you weren't so congested, could it be that your nose would even be more snotty than it already is because it would be easier for the snot to run through your nostrils?
A: I'd think it would be just as snotty, and it would probably be easier to deal with.  I'd think I could get more to come out at once and I'd have some small breaks at least between my nose running all over the place, since I'd be able to empty it.  The one problem might be that if my nostrils were more open, more allergens might be able to get into my nose.

Q: We know that you get various symptoms from your allergies, sometimes five or six at once. Are you always aware of them, or does it happen that you don't recognize one symptom because the others are stronger?
A: They are all pretty easy to notice.  Some I don't worry about as much as others, but none cover up any others. 

Q: How do you deal with watery eyes when noone else is around? Do you wipe the tears away or do you let them run down your face?
A: When noone is around I let them run more.  The more I wipe my watery eyes, the more tempted I am to rub them, and even thought it feels great in the moment, it makes my eyes worse.

Q: When was your most recent best day? How severe was that day?
A: I am not sure what you mean by 'best' day recently.  I will say that on my best days in general, I am at about the level a normal person would think of as 'bad allergies'  lol.

Q: What season for you is the best? You have told us in the past that spring and fall are the worst (because of hay fever and rage weed) but what season seems to be the easiest for you?

A: Winter is.  When I say that, people think that means I am allergy-free in winters.  that's not true, they are still pretty bad.  I am allergic to pretty much anything you can be allergic to, so there is still plenty out there.  Winter is the only season without pollen of some kind all over the place however, so that helps my symptoms.

Q: Do different allergens affect you in different ways? Besides how severe each allergen is, do certain ones cause a runnier nose or more powerful sneezes?

A: Kind of.  The main difference I can think of is that dust tends to be more of a burring itch in my nose and eyes.  Scents don't make me as congested.  Animals I think tend to make my eyes more swollen, and pollens might make me more sneezy by a little bit.

Q: Lastly, when you made this blog did you expect people with the fetish to read it for amusement?

A: It really didn't enter my mind at all.  I don't mind why people read, I am just glad they do and comment.  I do wish I could find more people who have very bad allergies to read and comment too though as its nice to be able to communicate with others who understand well.

Thanks for all the questions!  As always, feel free to comment and/or contact me directly!


  1. I don't consider your last post being a "downer post". The thing about the job offer was very interesting. But it's nice to get two posts from you in one week. :)

  2. When you are having a sneezing fit in front of other people, are you usually sneezing into your elbow or into a tissue? And, in between sneezes, do you take it away from your face so people can see your 'about to sneeze face'? Or, do you just keep your face covered?

  3. Did you decide whether or not to take that internship you mentioned, Kate? I hope it worked out!

    It made me wonder- when on interviews, I'd imagine that your allergies still show themselves. Do you explain about it to the interviewer? Do they ever say anything in regards to your allergies?