Sunday, July 10, 2016

Too long without a post

Sorry, I let time get away from me again.  I am going to take the internship/job, and see how it goes.  They are willing to be accommodating, but I know it is still going to be problematic for me.  I hope it works out ok.  It starts in a bit over a month.

I only have a couple of questions this time.

Q: When you are having a sneezing fit in front of other people, are you usually sneezing into your elbow or into a tissue? And, in between sneezes, do you take it away from your face so people can see your 'about to sneeze face'? Or, do you just keep your face covered?
A: Always into tissues.  During fits I usually keep the tissues pretty close to my nose.  I can get very snotty and I do all I can to make sure others don't see it.

Q: when on interviews, I'd imagine that your allergies still show themselves. Do you explain about it to the interviewer? Do they ever say anything in regards to your allergies?
Interviews can be annoying since I usually can't just run off in the middle of them.  They will usually ask something, like if I have a cold, or if I am ok, etc., then I will explain. since I kind of have to.

This was a short one this time.  As usual, I am happy to have feedback, comments, messages, etc.


  1. Congratulations on the new job! Have you gotten any more information about what you will be doing? From what you do know about the job what do you think will be the biggest obstacle regarding your allergies?

  2. Has your job started Kate? How has it been?

  3. Hope that the job is going well for you and you are coping with everything. I was just wondering how you cope when you start sneezing in a situation where it is difficult to leave - have you ever had a bad experience for example at a wedding, during an exam, on a plane etc? My allergies are not as severe as yours but I recently had a very embarrassing experience with a sneezing fit caused by perfume on a train without enough tissues!

  4. Hi Kate :)
    I'm sorry your allergies have impacted your life sooo badly and are so severe and difficult to manage.
    I'm especially sad to hear that people are so mean to you. I hope September ragweed isn't treating you so badly.

    I'm wondering, if maybe you're a little a too embarassed about your allergies? I don't doubt that some people are terrible and unreasonable and just don't behave like adults, but I feel like you're a little too sheepish by it? If you could say something like " I can't control it, you're being an ass." And act less embarrassed, people would mock you less? I almost feel like because you act so meek about it, people feel more like they can mock you for something you can't control.
    I've had some chest issues due to allergies that have led to plenty of loud coughing ( although easily treatable with an inhaler and nothing compared to your allergies) , I've known people in HS who had terrible, sneezey allergies or even got sick in class, but nobody was this mean to them. I can't imagine why people would act this way, but I feel like if you were less assertive people would be less mean.

  5. ( Also like to add nobody was mean to me about my coughing, Just to be clear)
    Also, another thing. I went back and read your older posts about when your allergies started and how it impacted your physical health, and then your mental health, and then your life as a whole.
    I"m wondering how your parents reacted to this, and if they were supportive? I know they don't have allergies, but it can't be easy to watch your happy, athletic, popular kid's life suddenly decline due to remarkably severe allergies.I'd imagine it depressed them, too.