Sunday, May 29, 2016

Seeking opinons, and venting about mean stuff

I am getting close to graduating, and I have been trying to find good jobs.  I got offered a pretty good opportunity (its the best one I have bene able to find), but there is an issue.  Its doing research, but before I can have the job, I need to be an intern (paid) with them for 6 to 9 months.  Its a rules thing, and also to make sure I am a good match and I like working there.  Intern stuff is mainly being a lab tech.  The issue I have is that even though I wont be working directly with animals, I will be near them a lot.  I told them about my allergies, and that's why I don't have to actually work with them.  So I am wondering what to do - I am worried that my allergies might be so bad that I can't work well, and then they aren't going to want me anymore.  Of course I am also worried about being exposed to allergens constantly for so long.  The thing is, its a really good opportunity, and once the internship is over I won't have to be around the animals.

I got to thinking about mean things people have said to me about my allergies.  Some I wasn't meant to hear, and some I think were misguided attempts to be nice.  It got to bugging me lately, so I wanted to list some of the things that have been said within the last week or so:

You'd be very attractive if it wasn't for your allergies
Does she do anything else besides sneeze?
Are you sure its allergies?  You might be sick, and I don't want to catch anything
Maybe its all in your head?
Your allergies are being very disruptive
If you would blow your nose your allergies wouldn't be so bad

I also hate when I get 'advice' like the last one, but they don't seem to understand if I tell them I tried/it doesn't work, they should believe me and not argue with me.  Ugh!

I haven't gotten any new questions.  I am wondering if my last post wasn't very interesting?  please feel free to comment and to contact me!


  1. Hi Kate,

    If you are worried about the way people at the lab will react to your allergies maybe you should give your boss a heads-up and let him or her know your allergies and sneezing are extreme at times (so you don't take anyone by surprise and get a bad reaction like you have in the past) but let them know you're still a hard worker?

    You know how I feel about mean people and it is best to ignore them when possible. Who wants to have a conversation with them? But sometimes, when people are really obnoxious, you might want to say something short and to the point just to shut them up.

    I hope I didn't just give you more bad advice (I apologize if I did). And your last post was fine, I just didn't have anything relevant to say in return.

    Good luck with your internship.

    1. With the internship, I am more worried about having my allergies be so out of control for so long, and maybe impacting my life more. And no matter what I might be told, I still worry it might impact my performance so much they don't want me to stay.

      Thanks. Sometimes its not avoidable, and I do have a hard time saying things back.

      Not bad advice, thanks. I'm glad you make comments :)

  2. Does sunlight cause sneezing fits for you? When I walk into sunlight from a dark place it hits my eyes and I go into a sudden sneezing fit, more violent than my usual ones.

  3. Your last post was very interesting again, quite good answers to the questions. I just was too late with sending you my new questions. ;)

    About your decision whether to take the job opportunity: Well, of course it's impossible for me to say whether it would be reasonable for you to do it, but to me it seems that it's worth a try. You will have a hard time during the internship, but possibly a good job after that.

  4. Hello Kate! I'm sorry about the lack of questions. I guess I just couldn't think of any. Here are a few I've thought of now:

    When was your most recent best day? How severe was that day?

    What season for you is the best? You have told us in the past that spring and fall are the worst (because of hay fever and rage weed) but what season seems to be the easiest for you?

    Do different allergens affect you in different ways? Besides how severe each allergen is, do certain ones cause a runnier nose or more powerful sneezes?

    Lastly, when you made this blog did you expect people with the fetish to read it for amusement?

    Thank you so much for continuing your blog, and keep on fighting your allergies! I wish you the absolute best of luck!!

  5. The ADA requires they make reasonable accommodations for you. Maybe you wear a mask to keep allergens out when in the lab. Maybe they give you extra breaks to go to the restroom for a fit. They have to try to make it work. Good luck