Sunday, January 1, 2012

Holidays and New Years

Still back with family in the northwest but I will be heading back east in the next few days.

Holiday time was pretty good:  x-mas with family, NYE party with friends.  I also got to see many old friends while here including Jessie so that is really cool.

Some days here my allergies haven't been too bad but other times they got very bothersome.  I discovered this year that its probably x-mas trees contributing to my allergies.  The real ones apparently are great hosts for molds and the fake ones collect lots of dust.  Then of course all the random scents and scented candles and everything else that is around.

Yesterday I partied pretty well and today I have been recovering and my allergies are bothering me.

I probably won't be posting again til at least next week when I am back at school.

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