Monday, December 5, 2011

Early Dec update

Allergies been acting a bit weird lately.  When I wake up, my eyes are usually kinda goopy from allergies.  lately though they have been VERY goopy.  So much that some days my eyes are stuck closed because the goop kinda dries on my lashes and glues my eyelashes together I guess.  It makes dealing with my allergies when I wake up even more of a hassle. 

Another thing is my sneezing has been a bit different.  Instead of longer fits with breaks in between, lately alot of times I have been getting only a few sneezes but then maybe 1 min tops before sneezing again, and the whole time in between I feel right on the verge of sneezing.  This can go on for a long time.  I do get that sometimes but it's been happening alot lately.


  1. Are the changes in symptoms anything to do with changing allergens? I mean have you noticed in the past that you react differently to moulds than to pollen? I'm guessing that the really bad allergens for you at the moment are things like old dust in heating systems and moulds, have they affected you differently in the past?

  2. I can't imagine dealing with allergies as debilitating as yours sound like they are!

    Obviously, I'm sure you've seen allergists, there anything you've discovered that lessens or relieves your symptoms at all? Or are the side effects from meds, etc. just as bad?

    Do your allergies (especially sneezing fits) affect your school work? I can imagine it is difficult to concentrate on observing anatomy/doing dissection while sneezing??

  3. Thanks. Its hard at times but I kinda just deal with it.

    Yea, lots of doctors. Nothing that really lessens them that much. Some things help slightly, but thats about it. The one med that works wonders is benadryl, but it makes me fall asleep, and then I wake up all groggy. Its useful if I need to sleep also, but not when I need to do stuff. I take a bunch of other meds and they help somewhat but nothing that great.

    Yup. They have made me have to miss classes, makes it hard to study or do homework sometimes. Back in HS it was a bit useful at least sometimes in getting out of going to school, lol(I even did it on purpose a few times). With grad school, in labs it can really be a hassle. In labs I wear a mask over my nose/mouth because I can't deal with a drippy nose when both my hands are busy, but being all drippy and sneezing into a mask certainly creates problems. I take breaks and put on a new mask when I need to.