Saturday, November 13, 2010

Why I like chatting online

I was chatting with someone recently online about why I like to chat online and I wanted to post about it.

Most of the time I am very congested and its pretty impossible for me to not sound all stuffed up when I talk (even though I keep trying).  I just don't like the way I sound like that, I am embarrassed by it, and it feels like more of an effort to talk.  My sneezing also interrupts my conversations.  I have to stop what I am saying while I am sneezing and people will stop talking while I am sneezing.   I really feel bad about disrupting conversations like that and I hate all the focus from people when I have a fit in the middle of a conversation.  It also really sucks when I am trying to answer a question, or I really need to tell someone something, but I can't because I am sneezing so much.  It can cause problems.

When I chat online I can avoid most of that.  The congestion is not an issue at all and some of the fits I can still type through and the sneezing is less of a disruption for an online conversation.  When my allergies are really bad, it gets pretty hard to talk, but it is much easier to chat online.  So if it seems like my allergies are always bad when I am online, that's why.  When they aren't that bad I tend to be online less.


  1. Ahh that is why...hehe. Well glad to know when you're away you're doing better, even though I miss ya sometimes :)

  2. Well if your allergies suddenly happened to disappear I hope you would still log on to say hi once in a while! ;)

  3. That makes absolute sense, at least with typing, there's natural breaks in the conversation anyway whereas face to face you're creating a break in the conversation (and drawing attention to yourself at the same time). Do you talk to people you'd normally talk to face to face online as well when things are bad, or would you still go and talk to them directly?

  4. Don't worry! If my allergies mafically got better, I woudl still come on and say hi. :)

    I would try to talk to people online as much as possible, even the ones I would normally talk to in-person. Easier that way.