Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cold and allergies

I just got over having a cold.  People often ask me things like "how can you tell when you have a cold?" or "Maybe its not allergies, maybe its a cold."  I guess these are people who don't have allergies!  Yea, some symptoms are similar, but they are different, so it is easy to tell.  I will say that is IT a pain to have a cold on top of allergies.

These are the things that happen when I get a cold on top of my allergies: 

With allergies, I can get worn-out, but when I have a cold its more like having a feeling of physical weakness, different from feeling worn out from doing alot of activity.

My sneezing feels harsher and it feels like something could spray from my mouth.  I also notice that my snot is thicker and more yellowish instead of clear or white.

My sinuses hurt differently when I have a cold.  Sometimes when my allergies are bad my sinuses will hurt, but with a cold they hurt differently.  I can't really explain better than that.

When I have a cold, my throat hurts and I cough.  I don't cough from allergies and at the worst my throat will tickle/itch but not hurt.

When I have a cold, my teeth hurt.  Yea it sounds weird, but it happens. 

When I have a cold, inside my nose burns.  With allergies it is tickles or itches or tingles or has a throbbing feeling, but when I have a cold it feels more like a burning.

I am curious if other people with allergies have a similar experience.  I don't think many people read my blog, but if you do, and have allergies, can you share what it is like for you having a cold with allergies?


  1. What an overload! You have to be practically bedridden when that happens! I would help take care of you anytime! =)

  2. Yes, its very miserable. And thanks, thats sweet.