Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Symptoms

Since I posted about what I am allergic to, I am also posting about what symptoms I get from my allergies. 

I am a bit stuck with what to write next so this is a good tangent.  Forgive me if it is a while before I post again, I just don't know why I am a bit stuck with what to write.

Major Symptoms.  These are the main symptoms I have pretty much all the time, and they tend to be the ones that affect my life the most.

Sneezing:  I sneeze LOTS.  I have very long fits, and I have many fits all through the day.  Sometimes it feels like I will never stop sneezing.  My sneezes aren't overly loud, but because I sneeze so much, its easy for everyone to tell.  This is one of the main parts of my allergies that makes me very embarrassed.  I will try to run off or duck into a bathroom when I am having a sneezing fit because of the embarrassment I feel.  I hate when my sneezing interrupts me trying to have a conversation or when I am trying to do things.  Most of the time I feel the need to sneeze to at least some degree.  It can either feel like a tickle, thousands of tiny needles, or a tingling.  It can be mild or intense and I usually feel it back deep in my nose and sinuses.  I know I am going to start sneezing when the feeling starts to spread.  Sometimes it doesn't do that though and a fit can hit me by surprise.  The one good thing about so much sneezing is that it helps keep my abs in good shape :)

Sinus Congestion: I always have sinus congestion.  It can range from not too bad to lots of sinus pressure and pain.  It can sometimes hurt to move my head too fast, and often I feel it when I bend forward.  On occasion I wish I could drill a hole into my sinuses!  Luckily I only get an actual sinus infection one or two times a year.

Nasal Congestion:  I am always very congested through most of the year.  I am so congested that I usually can't smell anything and I can't really blow my nose or sniffle.  It can get extremely annoying.  I sound very nasally and that embarrasses me too.  Sometimes my noses feels throbby inside because of all the congestion.

Runny Nose:  I don't understand how I can have such a runny nose when I am also so congested!  Ugh!  My nose runs alot.  Not being able to sniffle or really blow my nose means I have to wipe my nose all day, sometimes almost constantly.  I am REALLY embarrassed about anyone seeing my nose being snotty.  Its hard to tell when my sneezing is going to be messy, so I always use tissues or something if there is any chance anyone will see me.  I also am always wiping my nose just to make sure no one will be able to see anything being drippy.  I just don't understand how my nose can make so much snot!

Other Symptoms.  These can bother me to lesser or greater extents, but they tend not to be as big a deal unless my allergies are getting bad.

Itchy/Watery Eyes:  When my allergies get bad my eyes can water so much that it looks like I am constantly crying.   They also can get very itchy.  Sometimes, if they are very watery, itchy and swollen, it makes it harder to see details well, like in reading.  I try not to rub them because I know it can make them worse, but sometimes I just have to.  I have to be careful when I do rub them because if something I am allergic to is on my hand, it can make my eyes really puff up and swell up and look very bad. 

Itchy/Red Nose:  I HATE when my nose is all red!  Its another thing that embarrasses me a ton.  My nose is red very often though, just from all the sneezing and wiping and everything else.  Sometimes my nose gets very itchy but I usually am able to not rub it because rubbing my nose will be sure to throw me into a long sneezing fit. It can get very distracting though.

Clogged Ears:  When my allergies get really bad, my ears will feel all clogged.  Its like having cotton stuffed in my ears, and it makes things I hear sound like it too.  I think its this (or maybe sinus congestion too) that sometimes makes me feel a bit dizzy when my allergies are bad.

Different symptoms

I don't think these are direct symptoms of my allergies, but they happen because of my allergies. I feel tired a good deal of the time, it interferes with my sleeping, and I do sometimes get sad or angry about my allergies.  I know it affects my moods.  Sometimes that can really suck.  I think I get overly sensitive emotionally at times because of my allergies.

There are a few other random things, but I will bring them up in other posts if/when I remember them.


  1. I think you're doing great on this blog. You'll always have my friendship and support *hugs*

  2. I can totally relate to all your symptoms. The worst is the knowing you need to sneeze, but it takes awhile to come out. For me anyway. Keep posting.

  3. This was a great post, thanks for sharing with us! I'm always looking forward to your updates. Have a great weekend and I hope you get some relief for a bit!

  4. Thank you for the comments. Please, if you have any suggestions/advice/questions/ or anything else, feel free to comment.

  5. Loving the blog, Kate. I'd love to hear stories about specific times your allergies were really bad...what was it like, and what did you do?

  6. Thank you. Well, I am not really sure how to write up times like that in detai, but my next post will be about the time I discovered my horse allery.