Saturday, August 28, 2010

What I am Allergic To

I realized I never talked about all the things that I am allergic to.  This is a list of what I am currently allergic to, with a few notes on each.

Pollens:  This is a major one.  Trees, grasses, weeds, flowers.  I am very allergic to every pollen I have been tested for and every one I have run across in my life.  Some of the worst ones are sage, ragweed, juniper, elm, birch, oak, lilacs, lilies, daises, timothy grass, and Kentucky grass.  Pretty much any pollen is really bad for me though.

Animal Dander:  This is another major one.  Especially cats, dogs, horses, and ferrets.  If I am anywhere near them or where they used to be, my allergies start getting worse.  Other animals I can be around for at least a little bit before things act up too badly.

Dust: I am very allergic to dust.  It makes cleaning my room take a very long time.  I can usually tell when its dust that is bothering me because it starts by making my eyes all itchy and most other things I am allergic to do not start by affecting my eyes.

Molds:  Anything musty, moldy, mildewy, etc.  I find unlike pollen counts, mold counts are pretty useless in helping me figure out how bad of a day it might be.

Feathers:  On or off a bird, they seem to bother me.  Worst seems to be pillows and comforters filled with feathers.

Smoke:  Most kinds of smoke irritate my nose and eyes.  Mainly it makes my nose and eyes very very itchy and watery/runny.  Makes me sneeze some too.

Perfumes and Scents:  Not all do, but many do and its hard to keep track of what does and what doesn't.  This makes it hard sometimes to be in the mall or in some stores.  The main thing these do to me is make me sneeze alot and my nose to be stuffy yet runny.  The worst part is, if I am all stuffed up, I can't tell if its a scent that is bothering me.

Detergents:  Some laundry detergents, and all fabric softeners, bother my allergies.  The biggest problem is that they give me an allergic rash that gets red and puffy and itchy.  Some detergents do this to me all the time, and others I can use for a while until they start to bother me.  What I do is cycle between a few detergents that take a few weeks to start to bother me.

Paper Products:  Yea, this is a weird one.  I bet its what gets added into them, or what is used to process them, that bothers me.  I get get affected by older books, newspapers, and magazines.  They mainly kick up my allergies a bit with sneezing, runny nose, etc.  I also can't use any scented or lotion tissues.  They can give me a rash on my nose and WOW that can be annoying!

Dairy:  More than just a little bothers me.  It ends up either making my stomach feel icky, or makes me very wheezy and short of breath.

I think these are all the things I am allergic to.  I might have forgotten some, but they would be things I usually don't come across much.

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  1. Is it just older books, newspapers and magazines, because it might be the dust there as well (though paper creates its own, which might be it - if you get a rash as well it might be something like the bleaching process).