Sunday, September 12, 2010

Discovering my horse allergy

This happened when I was about 14.  I didn't know yet I was allergic to horses.  Maybe I was tested for it, but back then I was really in denial about my allergies so I didn't pay attention to alot of stuff.

Some friends wanted to go horseback riding, and I had never done it before so I thought it would be cool to try.  Being spring, pollen was bothering me some, but I was just mainly sniffling and had some sneezing.    I hated using tissues back then and I usually could just sniffle and be ok, so I just kept a few tissues in my pocket.

We got there and everything was ok for a while.  A few minutes after we got on the horses, I noticed that my nose was getting very stuffy and it was tingling pretty badly.  My nose started to run more and I was trying not to sneeze.  Eventually I couldn't keep from sneezing because of this constant tingle all inside my nose.  I kept having sneezing fits while we were going around on the trail.  People kept asking me if I was ok, and I would just nod yes because I didn't want them to hear me sounding all stuffy.  My nose was too runny and I went through the few tissues I had pretty quickly.  I kept on wiping my nose on the inside of my shirt  and I was trying really hard not to let anyone see my nose being snotty.  My friends kept looking at me when I kept sneezing and I could tell that they felt kinda bad for me and I just felt more and more embarrassed because I couldn't go run off anywhere.

By the end of the trip I was feeling miserable and I probably looked it too.  As soon as we got off the horses, I told my friends that I would be in the car.  My nose and sinuses were all stuffed up and my eyes were all itchy and puffy and watery.  I got in the car and I just kept sneezing and sneezing.  I couldn't find any tissues so I kept sneezing inside my shirt and kept trying to wipe my nose as much as I could.

I was bad like that the whole trip home.  My friends kept asking how I was and they were acting all concerned and I was really wishing I could be away from everyone.  I wanted to die from embarrassment.  They were going to hang out but I asked them to drop me off at home 1st.  They did and I just went into my room and felt pretty miserable for the rest of the day.

Since then, I haven't ridden on a horse and I haven't been around any that much.  Out of curiosity I have been around one for a bit every year or so just to see if I am still allergic (I do that with most things I am allergic to that I usually can avoid), and I am.


  1. That must have been really hard to deal with. Very sorry that happened to you.

    I have an idea for more blogs if you need them. You can always blog about testing yourself to see if you're still allergic to certain things, just like you mentioned about being around horses once a year to see if they still make you sneeze. I'd be interested to know about that. :)

    Great post as usual!

  2. Oh my. I don't know, maybe if/when I do it again with something.

  3. I'm glad you shared that. Was good to express your feelings.