Saturday, April 29, 2017

Sorry its been so long, some Q+A

I haven't posted in a while because I have been very busy, sorry about that.  This will be a short post.

This spring my allergies have been very bad.  I'm sneezing and snotting all over the place and my nose and eyes are always very itchy and swollen.

I had a weird allergy dream a few weeks ago, but I only remember 2 small parts.  I was in a group of people who had allergies.  They all had tissues and were blowing their noses but I didn't have any tissues.  They told me I had to stop sneezing to be able to use any tissues, but I couldn't stop from sneezing.  In another part, I was with a group of people again, and there was someone with me and my nose would run for a little bit, she'd wipe my nose with a really rough paper towel of some kind, then that would make me be about to start a sneezing fit and she'd put her finger under my nose until the feeling went away, then my nose would start to run for a bit, and that just kept repeating, and I just felt like I really needed to sneeze the whole time.

Q: How have you been?
Allergies have been bad.  Otherwise pretty good

Q:Has this blog helped you at its original goal?

A: Not too much, maybe a little bit.

Q:What's your fav song/movie?
A: That's way too hard to say.  A recent movie I have been thinking about a lot is 'Arrival'

That's all for today.  Please contact me if you'd like with questions for my blog, or if you just want to chat.


  1. I have been dealing with same issues. Keep on moving forward. I feel your pain and you are not alone.

  2. Tell me about your most allergic day so far this year? What is a typical day for you like when your allergies are flared up?