Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Short Post

I didn't want to go too long without a post, so here is a bit of a short one.  I had some dreams a few nights ago, and 2 small parts had to do with allergies.  At one point I was sitting around with 3 people and my nose was stuffy and eyes watering, and one of the others said I have been sniffling too much.  He then comes up to me and says he can help and I try to stop him at first but then he starts squeezing the sides of my nose over and over and lots of snot starts coming out of my nose to the floor in front of me and I just let it happen for some reason.  At some point later, or maybe another dream,  me and Allison are siting in a museum or a university building or something, and we start to kiss but I have to start sneezing so I turn away and grab the 1st thing I can find - her sweater - and have a huge sneezing fit into it and then I try to hide it.

That's all I remember from the dreams.  I have a short Q+A too.

Q: Hi Kate. Can you/do you swim? I don't know if it would be difficult or even dangerous with the sneezing.
I do swim.  I really enjoy it.  I am limited with it though.  Being underwater makes my sinuses hurt, so I don't go underwater that much.  I can't spend too long in a pool because the chlorine makes me a bit sneezy, really burns my eyes and eventually makes my skin itchy. 
Q: What kinds of activities do you find impossible or at least very difficult to do because of allergies? 
A: Many.  As my allergies developed and got worse I had to stop having my cats, I had to stop playing soccer, I got limited in my swimming 9see above Q), all the congestion messed up my singing.  Outdoor events can be very difficult at times.  I sometimes can't go to events at people's houses if they have pets, or I may need to leave if something in the house bothers my allergies too much.  I can't go horseback riding (I made a post about how I found out I was allergic to horses).  I can't drive when my allergies are bad.  When they are bad, even things like sleeping and eating can be difficult.  There are other things too, but these are what I can think of right now.  Actually when my allergies are really bad, almost everything is difficult.

Q: If you're unable to respond to people or just start sneezing, do the people that you are with (family/friends) ever explain what is going on with your allergies or say something about them to others that are not familiar with you? What I am asking is how the people you hang out with explain the situation to others. 
A: I hate when that happens.  They wont usually say anything unless someone asks.  They will talk instead or something.  If I am getting bad one person might help me go off to the bathroom because they know I hate sneezing that much in front of people.

That's all I have for today.  Feel free to reply, to ask more questions, or to chat with me!


  1. Have you ever noticed if your allergies have led you to develop any habits or certain movements, actions that other people wouldn't do? Like in order to prevent embarrassment or to help yourself deal with allergies.

  2. You said that if necessary friends/family will explain to others about your allergies if you can't at the moment. What do they say, how do the people respond, and do you add anything on when you are later able?

  3. Hey Kate! How did your allergies affect your job choice? If you didn't have them would have gone to a different job? How will they affect things after you get your phD?

    Also how often do you get an attack in front of people? What do people unfamiliar with you say about your symptoms?

  4. Have you ever sneezed on someone and what happened?

    You've said that people (and roomates) have been either mean or uncaring/ not understanding in the past- can you go into more detail? What do people say usually when they see your allergies? And how do you respond when people are not helpful or are rude?