Monday, July 13, 2015

Been a While, and July Q+A

I have been so bad at keeping up with my blog.  For some reason, its just so hard to be motivated to write at times.  If it wasn't for the questions to answer, I don't know if I'd be able to make many posts at all.

Q: Can you go into more detail about how your allergies affect your relationship and how they factor into being a part of it. Like does she care for you when you're feeling really bad and how? Or like what kind of comments/things are said? When you can't go out of the house will she to do errands and social events?
A: Yes she does.  Just things like holding me when I am having a fit or suffering is good.  She will do chores and other things for me if I need the help.  She will also do as much as she can to keep allergens down/avoid them.  She is such a great person and so helpful to me. 

Q: You're very self-conscious about people seeing you snotty, you say- did something happen to make you that worried about it? Have people ever said anything about the snot?
A: Nothing in particular.  I few times when I was younger, some people laughed when I had snot hanging from my nose and didn't notice it, but nothing that was a huge deal.  I just know that it grosses some people out and its yet something else that can draw too much attention to me and my allergies.

Q: You wrote: "I hate being so congested and so snotty at the same time." If you had the choice to get rid either of the congestion or of the snottiness, what would you choose, and why?
A: My congestion gets really bad and can be very uncomfortable, but I'd have to say the snottiness because it is something more noticeable to people, and it can take a good amount of effort to deal with at times.

Q: I know that your sneezing and runny nose force a lot of action from you, in shape of holding a tissue to your nose or wipe it. Are there other allergy symptoms too which force much action from you?
Well, when my eyes and nose are itchy, its more that I have to keep myself from taking action by trying hard not to rub them constantly.  When my allergies are really bad, my sinus congestion and ear congestion makes me get dizzy easy so I have to be careful about turning my head too quick, or looking/bending down etc or I feel dizzy/sinuses hurt.

Q: Does it happen that you abort an online chat or writing a blog post because your allergies get too bad?
A: Oh yea, many times.  It might be too hard to keep following/participating in a chat, or I might feel too wiped out to chat or make a blog post.  It also saps my motivation, and since I already have a hard time making blog posts, that makes it even harder.

I hope everyone likes the answers.  As usual, feel free to send me more questions, or to contact me to say hi or chat (and forgive me if it takes me some time to reply to e-mails and such!).


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  2. Hi Kate. Can you/do you swim? I don't know if it would be difficult or even dangerous with the sneezing.

    What kinds of activities do you find impossible or at least very difficult to do because of allergies?

  3. If you're unable to respond to people or just start sneezing, do the people that you are with (family/friends) ever explain what is going on with your allergies or say something about them to others that are not familiar with you? What I am asking is how the people you hang out with explain the situation to others.