Monday, May 11, 2015

Dream bit and Q+A for May

Hi everyone.  My allergies have been really bad lately.  I have had to miss some days here and there and I am generally pretty icky and not sleeping well.

I remember part of a dream a few days ago where my allergies were acting up, and another woman in the group was complaining about her allergies, but she didn't seem to have any allergies.  the more my allergies bothered me, the more she was complaining about hers.

I have a few questions to answer:

Q: How do your allergies impact your overall physical condition (beside the things having to do with allergies directly like congested nose)? You wrote that the sneezing helps to keep your abs in good shape. Are there other things about your physical condition which are affected – in a positive or negative way - by your allergies?
A: I don't know if there is much not related t my allergies -red nose, swollen eyes, etc.  The things I can think of besides giving my abs a bit of a workout is being tired, being off balance sometimes, and skin rashes.  Skin rashes are allergy-related but people tend not to realize it.  In the warmer months they mistake it for sunburn.

Q: I know that you have to wipe your nose a lot, esp when your allergies are bad. How do you deal with this when you have to do something for which you need both your hands?
A: I put things down often, lol.  I need to have a hand free pretty often, so I make sure that can happen when I need.

Q: Are your sneezes very snotty? Do you have to wipe your nose especially when you're sneezing? When you feel a sneeze coming, do you take a tissue before you actually sneeze to be „prepared“ for it?
A: Not always, but they certainly can be.  I always use tissues when I am sneezing.  I do tend to be snotty and I also am extra careful not to let people see my snot!  I might be a bit obsessive about it, but I don't want people thinking I am gross so I am always careful in public.

Q: You told me that when your allergies aren't too bad, it can happen that you don't sneeze for about an hour. When your allergies are bad (e.g. during ragweed season), how long would you estimate the longest „non-sneezing“ time then?
A: At the most, maybe 15mins, but usually less

Q: Most of the allergy symptoms you explained are clearly recognizeable for others directly (sneezing) or almost directly (runny nose because you wipe it, congestion because your voice is stuffy). Which of the symptoms that are not recognizeable for others so easily would you consider being the most „unexpected“ ones, i.e. the symptoms which someone who doesn't have allergies himself would never guess to be caused by allergies? And which of these „not so well recognizeable“ symptoms are the most annoying for you?
This is pretty similar in my answer to the first question.  Tiredness is probably the big one.  When my allergies are bad it really wipes me out and its something that people don't really get.  Another one is balance/dizziness.  When my allergies are really bad my ears get all clogged up and it can sometimes make me feel dizzy and off balance.  And even though much of it is noticeable, people don't realize how much my senses get impacted when my allergies are really bad - I can't smell or taste, its hard for people to understand what I am saying, seeing is sometimes difficult with swollen and very watery eyes, and clogged ears makes sound muffled.

Thanks for the questions, and keep them coming.  As always I am happy to chat.  Just drop a line to say hi.  Allergies are really kicking my butt so I might be around online more, if its not so bad that I can't even do that!


  1. *hugs* always enjoy your posts

  2. Have you ever been at a restaurant and when the person comes to take your order are unable to tell them what you want because of sneezing?

    Have you ever been told you're disrupting a class with allergies?

    Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night from sneezing and do your allergies ever wake Allison up too?

  3. You've said that some people are rude or not sympathetic at all- on the other hand, are people ever too pitying? What's that like?

  4. Hey Kate- something you can write a long thing about and maybe what people would want to know to help them understand what a days like for you- can you take us through today, or w/e day you answer, and tell us step by step your day and how your allergies affected it. Like, I woke up, sneezed so many times, then had breakfast that. So we can see what you do daily and how allergies affect it.

    1. That's really something that is way too long and detailed for me to be able to write in a post. its even too much for me to keep track of throughout the day!

      Stuff like that is a bit easier to chat about then for me to make a post about, but even then, the level of detail might not be as much as you are asking for. its hard to remember every little thing.