Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Short dream and Q+A

Wow, its been so long again since I have posted.  I really want to post more, its just that I can't think of much and I keep putting it off.  I had a dream two nights ago that had a part to do with allergies, and I have a question to answer, so here we go!

I know I was having a few dreams, but this one part I remembered.  For some reason, my nostrils were huge, like 2 or 3 inches wide.  They were full of snot and I was having a hard time keeping it from gushing out, as all I had was a small tissue.  I was in a big house and I kept going from room to room to find a place to blow my nose before everything gushed out.  Every room I went into had people in them and I was too embarrassed to blow my nose in front of anyone.

Ok, that's all of the dream I remember.  Here is the very short Q+A:

Q: Do you remember how long is your longest sneezing fit? After having these huge attacks, how do you feel? 
A: Oh I have had some be very very long.  Its not common, but its gone into the hundreds at least.  After any long attack, not even in the hundreds I feel totally wiped out/exhausted, and sometimes my muscles can feel sore.  I have even passed out from sneezing so much, if the fit won't let me get air in.  That tends to make the fit stop though, lol.

Thanks for the few of you who keep reading.  Please ask me questions/give me ideas for posts, and feel free to say hi if I am online.


  1. 1. You said that you use lots of tissues a day. How many tissues do you use each day for your allergy?

    2. If you need to stay outside for some reason on a high pollen count day, how will you cope with it?

    3. You have once said that your allergy interferes your daily life. How do you manage your time in studying, especially ragweed, which worsen your allergy problems?

  2. Hiya Kate,
    Glad to see you back!

    Do you find you have difficulty falling asleep because of your sneezing? Is it hard to lie down with the congestion and how do you deal with that? Are you able to get rest?

    I hope winter has given you some relief!

  3. Hey Kate,

    Do you take daily medication for your allergies and does it seem to help at all?