Sunday, February 10, 2013

Quick post and one Q+A

Sorry its been a bit since I posted.  I was planning on posting about once/week, but I got really sick with pneumonia and I just am getting over it now.

My allergies haven't been bothering me too much lately.  Through Jan and usually most of Feb I usually do better since there isn't pollen to deal with, the heating systems no long have a bunch of dust sitting in them to get stirred up, and all the holiday scents and such are gone.  As long as I can avoid the other allergens that randomly pop up, I do ok for this time of year compared to the rest.

I just have one question to answer today:

Q: What symptom of your allergies do you find most difficult to deal with?
A: Sneezing is usually the worst.  Its the one that is the most obvious to people.  If I didn't sneeze all the time, it would be easier to deal with my allergies, and to hide it from others.  Its very interruptive and it can be really embarrassing at times, and it can get pretty tiring.

Thats it for today.  Please leave me comments and/or questions, and feel free to say hi on yahoo chat if I am on.

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  1. Oh bummer! Sorry to hear about the pneumonia. :( It's not only an uncomfortable pain, but the coughing can be exhausting on it's own. Glad you're on the mend!

    What month is generally worst for you, allergy wise?

    If you're okay with sharing: What was one of the most uncomfortable situations in which you had to deal with your allergies? Like somewhere you had to remain despite obvious sneezing, etc??