Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Just Q+A today

I am trying to keep up with my 1/week posts, and I am glad I got some Q+A because I can't think of much else to write about right now!

I am fully recovered from being sick.  The biggest drawback being that I lost like 2 weeks of being able to get work done and I need to get lot of work done when I am able to.

Just 2 for Q+A today:

Q:What month is generally worst for you, allergy wise?
A: I would have to say September.  As the spring then summer goes on, all the pollens make me more and more sensitive to everything I am allergic to, then I get hit with ragweed.  Ragweed is one of my worst allergies, and it makes me pretty much useless when its out and even after, especially through September.  In Oct things stat to improve. 

Q:What was one of the most uncomfortable situations in which you had to deal with your allergies? Like somewhere you had to remain despite obvious sneezing, etc??
A:  I have had many of those kinds of situations.  I blogged all about one back on 9/12/10.  I'll tell another one here though.  In undergrad, I was in a group for a big class project and 10 of us were meeting at someones apartment and we were mainly going through everything I put together for my part of the project. Pretty soon after I got there my allergies started to act up and they got worse and worse.  I wasn't really able to run off cause I was important to that meeting and I had to wait for my ride anyway.  It was very uncomfortable and embarrassing to have to do that while my allergies were making me such a mess and I wasn't able to run off much at all.  So not only did I have to stay, but I was the main focus and had to do stuff.  Ugh I hated that so much, it was torturous.

Please keep up the questions so I don't have to think of much else to write about!  If I am on, drop me a line on yahoo and say hi if you'd like.


  1. Very interesting reading as always. One question based on your comment in the opening that you need to be able to get as much work done as you can in the window when your allergies are less bad; what are you able to do to manage your time so that you are able to function with your allergies? Like would you be able to schedule work into times during the day, or even during the month/year when things are less bad. There must be times they have a real impact on day to day life.

  2. Thanks for being so frank, as always!
    Did you attend traditional undergraduate college? How did you deal with that? Roommates? Lecture halls?