Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Late for posting and Q+A 3

Sorry I haven't posted in so long. School got really busy. On top of that, this last week and a half or so my allergies have been really horrible. This is my first spring in the northeast and at least my allergies didn't start getting bad until about 3 weeks or so later than they usually do but wow it is hitting me hard now. My new girlfriend Allison is being helpful, and even though its really embarrassing for me, the fact that she has allergies too helps a bit with my embarassment.

Now some more Q+A:

Q:  Have you ever travelled or been anywhere that made your allergies better or worse?
A: Not much.  Many people say that if you move to different places your allergies will be better, but I haven't found that to be true (and my allergies tells me moving won't really help).  I have not traveled often, but everywhere I have been, I have had allergy problems.  The one place they aren't as bad is if I am out on a boat in the sea or something.  I have been on people's boats a few times.  No place to make it worse really, unless I am around alot of stuff I am allergic to.

Q: Do you think if people were more understanding generally you'd be less embarrassed about your allergies in front of people?
A: I think so.  I have had many people not be understanding at all, especially when I was younger.  Even if everyone was real understanding though I think I still would be pretty embarrassed by it all.  I would feel less embarrassed though.

Q: Do you think that it would have been easier if you had had your allergies really early on instead of them onsetting later in life when they did?
A:  I have no idea.  I would guess not though, just cause I think it would have sucked to have such bad allergies the whole time I was growing up.  At least I didn't have to deal with all that annoyance until I was about 13.  I couldn't imagine having bad allergies when I was like 4 or something, lol.

Q:  What situations do you feel your allergies have had the worst negative impact on?
A:  There are many situations they have negative impacts on, but if I had to pick the worst, I would say dating.  Meeting someone new or on a first date you want to be your best and its hard to do if you are in the middle of bad allergy attacks.  Bad allergies seem to be a big turn off for many people.  Even when dating my allergies can be too disruptive, and they can get in the way of being intimate.

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  1. I, who don't have very severe allergies, am suffering more this spring so I can't even imagine how you're doing <3 ! Thank you for sharing more Q&As.

    Have you had any positive experiences because of your allergies? People you've met or bad situations that were made better maybe? (I always try to look for the good in bad!)

    I know in the anatomy class I took, there was a long-term lab where we dissected cats (humanely acquired, obviously). Have you ever had to deal with a lab when you're working on a subject that you are allergic to?