Friday, November 11, 2011

November and closets and people oh my.

I was hoping to get more people reading/commenting/discussing.  Come on people!  :P

School is still going ok, nothing weird or bizarre or too lame, or even exiting to talk about though.

On the allergy-front, I have been having to go through all my stuff in my closets and its a real chore.  The dust and whatever makes my allergies go crazy.  I have been trying to do a bit each day, but I am not able to spend much time each day cause my allergies get too bad and the time that I do spend is mostly spent dealing with my allergies instead of going through my stuff.  :(   I need a maid!

I also have a friend, Mel, who is generally a pretty cool person and she is really nice to me.  BUT she is one of those people who tries to be helpful but ends up being annoying/or making things worse.  Like she has very mild hay fever (she MIGHT need meds a few times in the fall and thats it), but she keeps acting like her allergies are as bad as mine and tries to give me all this advice and/or get me to do things that even though they might be helpful for her is just so not helpful for me.  She gets on my nerves sometimes, but otherwise she is a really cool person so I don't want to be mean to her.

Anyway, I hope I can get my closets done by the end of the weekend and maybe even have time, and feel good enough, to actually have some fun!


  1. I guess with your friend it is a case of her really wanting to help and empathise, but perhaps needing to listen and understand a little more before she can. Perhaps when she next gives advice or whatever just say to her "thank you very much for the advice, I've given it a try and it doesn't really work in my case, a friendly ear sometimes would really help me though". She sounds like the caring sort who would respond to that.

    And as for the closet, work out your pacing. My wife's bad allergy is dust and when we moved, good pacing helped. Know when to take a break and how long you need. Being able to go outside for fresh air also did, but probably that wouldn't for you.

  2. hey you know I would help Hope it is going okay!

  3. Dom: She is a bit thick on that. I have tried a few times but she REALLY thinks her advice is right for me.

  4. Ah, not much you can do when that is the case then, other than work on biting your tongue without

    I know I can sometimes fall into that same trap trap though - as in the second paragraph of my response! It is difficult because friends will WANT to help, even if what they can actually do is limited.