Friday, December 17, 2010


I am going to try to make at least a short post each week.  If I don't, please try to remind me. :)

I would also like some ideas on what to post about.  Try to be detailed, like a really specific question or something.  I think that will help me get ideas to write about.  I will try to answer questions, especially the really specific ones, but I might not answer a question that is asked, or it might make me think of a tangent and I will write about that instead.

Thanks everyone!  And help me get more people to read and post and discuss!


  1. I know you posted about how bad horses trigger your allergies but I'd like to know out of all the things you're allergic to what irritates your nose the most? Animals, ragweed, pollen, dust...

  2. Many things affect me really badly, but the total worst is ragweed, sage pollen, cats, and juniper trees. Even the slightest amount of any of those is really horrible for my allergies.

    A close second is dogs, dust, and some types of grass. With alot of things, it is kinda hard to pick out which is worse than what though

  3. Perhaps as a suggestion for what to post about, how allergies have affected your studies or your university experience - given that you are in a PhD programme. Also, one would expect people at University to be a little more mature than at school about how they react to your allergies, has that been the case?

    Another suggestion would be along the lines of the entry about how people can be mean, but more along the lines of what people don't realize.

  4. You haven't written anything lately :( looking forward to something on ignorant people who dont understand allergies how it can difficult to deal with them specially if they happen to be your friends

  5. Sorry Ajay. I recently started my PhD program so I am a bit busy. Also, I seem to be having a hard time gettign motivated to write still. Not sure why that is

  6. I hope to hear more from you too but it's totally understandable given your circumstances with school.
    I'll keep checking back! Talk soon!

    - lickwid