Friday, December 17, 2010

Drinking and allergies

I had 2 beers tonight so I was thinking about this.

I don't drink lots, but I do like to a bit.  I usually don't drink to being very dunk though.  When I get tipsy, my sneezes feel different, but i can't exactly explain it.  They aren't totally different, but things just feel not exactly the same.  I still would be congested, sneezy, runny, etc but just slightly different.  Does that make any sense?  I wish I could explain it better than that.

If I do get drunk, I don't pay as much attention to my allergies.  Not that I am less embarrassed by them, but more like a feeling of less control and not really realizing it.  Things can get really messy before I know what is going on.  By not getting drunk around lots of people, I can avoid embarrassing myself in front of them.


  1. I suppose when you're a bit merry, your body tends to relax, you're also slightly oblivious. Is it that you notice the sneezes less so they feel different?

  2. I agree with Dominic that possibly by having a few drinks and you kinda let your guard down so your sneezes might feel a tad different. Maybe you're not trying as hard to ether keep from sneezing or worrying about how messy the sneezes can be so your sneezes come out more naturally...possibly??

    Great observation Kate.

  3. I don't know. Sometimes when I am alone I don't worry as much about my sneezing or try to keep them from happening and it still feels different than that. Maybe its just the effect of getting buzzed has on how you feel things?

  4. Possibly it might be...alcohol is a very funny thing like that. Quite unpredictable!

  5. "By not getting drunk around lots of people, I can avoid embarrassing myself in front of them."

    Sage advise for anyone, really. ;)

    1. Oh yea, I guess that's true in many ways, huh?