Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Embarrassing week

I wanted to make a quick post as a check-in.  Allergies have been very bad.  Tree pollens are very high, and really affecting me.  I don't have any questions to answer, so please ask me some if you can.

A few embarrassing/gross things from this last week or so:  While walking down a crowded hallway, I had a sneezing fit come on very quickly while my hands were full carrying things and it was very snotty and people were grossed out and some were laughing.  I was dozing off in class (allergies keeping me from getting much sleep), and apparently my nose was dripping but I didn't realize cause I was half asleep and there was again laughter at me and people being grossed out.  I was working on a project with someone and my allergies were getting so bad I went into the bathroom and she came in after 20mins to check on me and I couldn't stop sneezing and she got worried I guess and other people came and wanted to call the ambulance and so this group of people were watching me sneeze and sneeze non-stop for so long. 

The last embarrassing thing was my doctors appointment.  He had 2 others in to look at me too.  Lots of observing my allergies and asking questions.  They wanted to look in my nose again and that is always problematic, so that was a long snotty embarrassing mess.

Sorry I am not going into too much detail.  It feels embarrassing to just write it out.  I'd probably be ok chatting about it one on one if you want to know more.


  1. Laughing at someone who doesn't feel well is terribly immature. I'm sorry that happened. As for the doctors, they are used to things like that when people have allergies.

    I hope Spring will pass really quickly and that you'll feel better soon.

    1. Oh my gosh I'm so sorry! That must of been so embarrassing for you! Don't let them get to you though, they don't know what you have to go through.

      When you are in a long sneezing fit, do the sneezes ever cause you to feel relieved? I know a few people who feel relieved after fits which makes them feel better.

      Another question, have you ever sneezed so much that you couldn't function?

      Lastly (I'm really sorry I'm just super interested) if you could some how be allergy-free, what things would do you differently?

      Thanks and I hope your allergies get better!

    2. Thanks everyone. Sorry I didn't reply earlier. for some reason e-mail alerts to comments stopped working.

      Sophia, thanks for the questions! I'll answer them in my next post :)