Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Sorry it has been so long, and a Q+A

It has been a really long time, and I am sorry it took so long.  I was kinda busy with school, I was sick a few times, time got away from me, and I kept putting off posting. 

Over the winter I have had a few colds, 2 turned into sinus infections, and one was a sinus infection, strep throat, and pneumonia.  That then got my asthma a bit bothersome for a while.  I'm all recovered now though.

The weather has been fluctuating a lot between cold and warm and I bet that has something to do with it.  My allergies have also been more bothersome than usual for winters.  Someone said the temp fluctuations might be making mold more of an issue.  It hasn't been severe, but just more allergic than usual.

I have a number of questions, so I will get right to them:

Q: When you are talking to someone and you have to start sneezing, do you say anything to them? Like, "I have to sneeze.." or do you just start sneezing without saying anything? And do you just walk to the bathroom or do you tell them you are leaving? 
A:  I don't say anything when I am going to sneeze.  I'll often just walk off, especially if its people I know.  Otherwise I'll say something like "I'll be back in a bit"  or "I have to go to the bathroom"

Q: Do you have time to get out a tissue or do you just sneeze into your elbow and get a tissue later?

A:  Luckily I usually have time to get out tissues before I start sneezing.  Its not much time, but I have practice getting tissues quickly.  If its bad enough that I don't have time, I am often staying at home/away from people anyway.  My sneezes can be pretty snotty, so I put a lot of effort into making sure no one sees that.  Its very embarrassing the few times I am not able to get a tissue out in time.

Q:  You've mentioned doctor's visits before- do you still go regularly to an allergist? What kind of things specifically do they do to examine you, and you've mentioned they use you as a patients for students to learn from- can you give more detail?
A:  Yes I still do.  Now its mainly just checking in, seeing how things are going, trying out different meds, etc.  I am a pretty unique case I guess, so they sometimes bring in students or other docs to look at me, ask questions, do exams, etc.  Its kind of boring and embarrassing at the same time.  Its the same questions and the same stuff over and over again - they talk about my case, they ask me a lot of questions, and they observe and examine me.  Its embarrassing because I have all these people interested in my allergies and watching them in me, and I can't run off and hide.  Exam-wise, its a lot of looking up my nose (which gets problematic) and in my ear and in my throat, etc. 

Q:  Have you ever spoken to family or friends about how they feel about your allergies and how it affects them? How do they feel? 

A:  Not really.  I don't like talking about my allergies in real life.  I'm not really sure how they feel.  I guess kind of concerned, but it seems they are used to how I am.

Q:  What's your worst nightmare relating to your allergies?
A:  Two I guess - that they will keep getting worse and worse and I won't be able to do anything ever.  And having really long allergy attacks that won't ever stop in public and be unable to talk/tell people what is going on or get away from lots of people staring at me while it happens. 

Q:  Is there anything you're concerned or worried about relating to them in the future?

A: Mainly them getting worse, and just more of what is already been happening - being embarrassed by them, them interfering in things, making me miss stuff, etc. 

Q:  Have you ever tried that herbal, powdery stuff called Chhinkni to help clear your stuffy nose? It's supposed to help clear your sinuses but usually makes you sneeze a little first. Supposed to smell like eucalyptus or Vicks. 
A:  I have heard of he stuff, but I have no interest.  It apparently makes you sneeze a lot, and I already sneeze a lot.  Sneezing doesn't help clear my nose.  My nose isn't all stuffed up from snot, although I do get very snotty, its stuffed up because the nasal passages are smaller than they should be, and they get swollen shut easily.

Q:  Have you ever spoken to family or friends about how they feel about your allergies? Like have you talked to them about whether it bothers them, for example?
A:  Oh, this is a repeat of one above, just check out that answer :)  I will add that my family and my good friends don't seem bothered by my allergies.  Many people have been bothered by them, but not anyone who is a close friend.

Q:  Would love to chat when you're homebound and bored! You mentioned yahoo and fb chats- what are your names for each?

A:  Absolutely!  I always would like that.  On skype and yahoo I am sneezykate (in skype you might need to use  I am not on FB too much though.

I am sorry if some answers are short.  I like to fully answer the questions, but sometimes I can't think of much to say.  Let me know if you have any follow-ups.

As usual, please keep the feedback and questions and ideas coming!  And as I mentioned in the last answer, feel free to contact me!

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