Monday, October 26, 2015

Q+A for end of Oct

Sorry, no ideas that fit into a Halloween theme. 

Ragweed season is finally slowing down, so my allergies are starting to lighten up a bit.  Still will take a while for them to settle down though.

Sorry its been a while since my last post.  As usual, its hard for me to think of what to write.

Since I don't have much else to say, lets go to the Q+A:

Q: What kind of mean comments? People are so rude.
A: Yup, they can be.  I think I have answered this before in the past, but a few examples:  "Can't you control that?", "You are being disruptive", "That sounds pretty gross", "can't you stop sneezing?", etc.

Q: Could you please upload a few seconds of you so we know what you sound like? Will help to relate better to you and what you are writing. You could do an entry by video (without pics if youd prefer), just what you say, instead of typing out the entry and it would be more personal and interesting.
  Nope, I'm not going to do that, sorry.  the benefit of being online is that People can't hear/see me when my allergies are acting up.

Q: You often say that you get mean comments- can you be more specific and tell us specifically people say and have said? Do they say it directly to you and how have you responded?
A: Like I said in the first question, I have talked about it before.  I usually don't respond - because my allergies are too bad, or I'm too embarrassed.

Q: High school sounds like it was tough with some mean people- did teachers ever notice and stand up for you or say something? 
A: Not usually.  Most weren't that understanding.  A really good thing about college was that I could leave the rom anytime I wanted instead of sometimes having to stay in the room as I was sneezing like crazy.

Q: When things are getting heated with your SO, do you ever have to stop because of sneezing or dripping or something? Does it happen often and what exactly happens and how does she deal with it?
A: Yes, my allergies make us have to stop often.  Allison is very understanding about it.  She is very patient and caring.  Definitely the best GF I have ever had :)

Q: Are you able to stifle your sneezes? And if yes, do you do it, e.g. when you're among others?
A:  I seem to be starting to get questions I already answered :)  I usually can't.  I have figured out a way to, but it makes me constantly have to stifle, so its pretty obvious and it won't let up til I let myself have a regular fit.  Because of that, and because it tends to hurt my sinuses, I don't do it.

Q: When your eyes are watery, do you always wipe the tears away or does it happen that you let them run down your face?

A: Depends on how bad my allergies are.  I usually will wipe them away, but if its bad and I'm really worn out, I wont as it becomes too much hassle or I'm too wiped out to keep up.

Q: You wrote that sometimes you get dizzy when your allergies are bad. How bad can this dizziness get? Does it happen that it's difficult for you to walk or ride a bike because of the dizziness?
A: It can be pretty bad when my allergies are bad.  Luckily the dizziness doesn't happen much if my allergies aren't really bad.  When it does happen, I try to keep my head as still as possible.  Turning my head or my body will make it worse at those times, so walking can get a bit difficult, and riding a bike is too hard when my allergies are bad, or a number of reasons.

Q: You wrote that your hearing can be affected when your allergies are bad. Does it happen that you don't understand what others say or have to turn the TV louder because of affected hearing?

A: It feels like my ears are stuffed with cotton so everything sounds muted.  I can usually still make out what people are saying, but sometimes I do have to ask again and I probably make the TV a bit louder.

Q: Which allergy-related websites do you visit or look for?
A:  I used to look for allergy support groups, but everything online is for food-related allergies.  I don't really look around anymore.  I do sometimes look at sites for pollen or mold levels.  Some allergy-site and weather sites.  They all tend to be a bit different so I will try to look at more than one.


  1. When you are talking to someone and you have to start sneezing, do you say anything to them? Like, "I have to sneeze.." or do you just start sneezing without saying anything? And do you just walk to the bathroom or do you tell them you are leaving?
    Also, do you have time to get out a tissue or do you just sneeze into your elbow and get a tissue later?

  2. You've mentioned doctor's visits before- do you still go regularly to an allergist? What kind of things specifically do they do to examine you, and you've mentioned they use you as a patients for students to learn from- can you give more detail?

    Have you ever spoken to family or friends about how they feel about your allergies and how it affects them? How do they feel?

  3. What's your worst nightmare relating to your allergies?
    Also is there anything you're concerned or worried about relating to them in the future?

  4. Have you ever tried that herbal, powdery stuff called Chhinkni to help clear your stuffy nose? It's supposed to help clear your sinuses but usually makes you sneeze a little first. Supposed to smell like eucalyptus or Vicks.

  5. Have you ever spoken to family or friends about how they feel about your allergies? Like have you talked to them about whether it bothers them, for example?

    Would love to chat when you're homebound and bored! You mentioned yahoo and fb chats- what are your names for each?

    1. TY for the questions.

      I'd like to chat, yes. yahoo is sneezykate, as is skype (or skype might be, and fb is Kate McKate (not my real last name lol)