Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Sinus ramblings and Q+A

I keep wanting to post weekly, and it ends up being monthly.  Sorry! 

One thing I was recently thinking about is my sinuses.  Along with lots of nasal congestion, I have sinus congestion.  I usually feel it as varying degrees of pressure, much like the nasal congestion.  It can become sinus pain when my allergies are bad and it can make me feel dizzy, or cause pain on bending over, etc. when my allergies are bad too.  For some reason however I am lucky in that I rarely get sinus infections.

I have tried many things to help it, and most don't work.  Doing some kind of steam type thing, like long hot shower or in a steamy bathroom, etc. is about the only thing that helps, and it doesn't last very long after I am out.  I have tried a neti pot a number of times, but the water will never come out of my nostril.  The most I have ever gotten was a few drops, and the neti pot usually sends me into sneezing fits.  Another thing I kept trying over and over again was getting sinus massage.  Many people always told me how helpful they are and I had tried many different people who do it, but every time it either made my sinuses worse or sent me into allergy attacks.  Its annoying that I have totally different reactions to things than most people.

That's just something I was thinking about so I figured I would share.  I have a couple of questions to answer too:

Q:Have your allergies gotten worse with age?
A: Yes, to a point.  for about the first 5 years or so of having allergies (about 13 yrs old to 17/18 yrs old) they got progressively worse. After that, they don't seem to have gotten much worse, although I sometimes do discover something else I didn't know I was allergic too.  That I think is more about not encountering it before or not knowing I was encountering it before more than developing a new allergy.

Q:If you could get rid of just one allergy what would it be?
A: That's a hard choice between cats and ragweed.  They are 2 of my worst allergies.  I love cats and would love to be able to have one or 2 again.  But at the same time, its often possible to avoid cats.  Ragweed however can't be avoided and it cause me a whole lot of suffering.  If I was to be practical, I would probably have to say ragweed, although if I could say all pollens that would be a better choice!

Thank you again for the questions.  Please keep them coming so I can make more posts!  And as usual, feel free to e-mail me or IM me on yahoo if you want to chat.


  1. As always very candid and well written. A question: What's the worst allergy day that you can remember, how did you deal with it?

  2. very descriptive. I always read through your posts several times. Here are a few questions that i want to ask.

    1. Do you remember the longest time that you call sick from school and stay at home because of allergies? After the leave, how do you catch back the stuffs at school?

    2. You have once said that you suffered from runny nose. How constantly do you need to wipe your nose with tissues? How runny nose interferes with your life?

    3. Which period (like march to ...) in the year do you suffer the most? How do you cope with it? ( For example preparing tons of tissues everywhere you pass by, prevent going out during high peaks of the day, wearing masks when going out,e.t.c)

    Hope you can answer my questions.