Saturday, September 28, 2013

Been a bit Q+A

Sorry everyone for such a long time between posts.  I have been busy and having many problems with my allergies.  I do have a few questions now to answer, so here we go:

Q:You have mentioned a couple times that your sneezes are weak. Have you tried to do more forceful sneezes so that the fits are shorter? 
A: I haven't been able to figure out any way to make my sneezes be more forceful.  I think its just how I sneeze, and there isn't much I can do to change it.

Q:Also, when you are in a situation where sneezing would disrupt a class or movie or something, do you ever stifle your sneezes?
A: For the longest time I hadn't been able to stifle sneezes at all.  I recently have been able to, but what happens is a stifle makes me immediately need to sneeze again, so I can keep stifling only for a short time, then I'm sneezing.  Also, stifling tends to make me have to sneeze more, and tends to bother my sinuses.  When my allergies start to disrupt a class or movie, I'll usually leave and go to a bathroom or something.

I was glad to see in my last post, a few people commented that they read my blog.  Thanks!  I'm just surprised at how many of them are anonymous.  I always imagined dozens of people would want to read my blog, so I guess I was a bit disappointed when I started this and it seemed like only one or 2 people were reading.  

I still have problems thinking of topics to write about, so please keep the questions coming.  I haven't been on-line as much lately, but still please feel free to drop me and e-mail or a message if you want, and even if I am not around, I will be sure to reply when I can.


  1. Sorry to hear you've been having problems with your allergies. What's going on?

    Maybe to have more people read and share your experiences you could share your blog with an allergy-related forum or site? I'm not sure where there's a really active one though...hmmm

    1. Thanks. Even though ragweed and such has been getting low, my nose has been over-sensitized for so long that I'm still reacting strongly to everything.

      I had tried to find allergy-related forums in the past, but none seem to be very active. I had joined one a while back, but it didn't really get much activity. I will try the suggestion in your other post though. :)

  2. There's this blog I've read before, actually:
    Maybe you can team up!

    1. wow, that is a pretty inclusive blog. Now I feel like mine is pretty lame, lol. Not sure how I would team up, but maybe I will try contacting her.

  3. Have you ever considered moving to a different climate? For example I'm in Seattle and I know of someone who moved from here to Medford, OR for relief from sinus issues. Would a drier, desert-like climate help? Would there be less triggers? Or would the air conditioning bother your allergies?

  4. One of the things I find most awkward about sneezing repeatedly is how people feel the need to say 'bless you'. I wish that courtesy did not even exist, I wish sneezing was like coughing. When people bless me I feel like I can't even say thank you in between sneezes and it's even more awkward when they keep saying it after every few sneezes, and even more awkward when they finally give up and I'm still sneezing! It just makes me more embarrassed than I already am. Do you like people to acknowledge your sneezes with a 'bless you'?